RIP Mother Flawless Sabrina, Star of First Drag Docu “The Queen”
Sat, 18/11/17 – 9:00 | No Comment

The drag community lost a trailblazer with the passing of Mother Flawless Sabrina Friday night. Born Jack Doroshow in Philadelphia in 1939, she helped transform drag from an amusement for straight people into an art form that celebrated queer identity.
Doroshow first tried on women’s clothing as an 8-year-old, and by 19 had perfected the Sabrina […]

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Op-ed: Terrorists, Truthers & Cavemen…Gimme Shelter!
Saturday, 28 Mar, 2015 – 17:30 | One Comment
Op-ed: Terrorists, Truthers & Cavemen…Gimme Shelter!

Fred talked during the open mike as I sat like a pissed cat waiting for our table to explode. Comics told jokes as he passionately confessed he was taken by me and that we should workshop his one-man show together. “You’d love my stuff. It’s sociopolitical commentary, but personal as well.” I asked, “Have you […]

Op-ed: Colbert’s Patriotism Breaks The Internet?
Friday, 6 Feb, 2015 – 12:34 | 2 Comments
Op-ed: Colbert’s Patriotism Breaks The Internet?

The internet is a horrible invention. It’d be one thing if Google was a gateway to your dead parents or an app called “Water-board a Banker” or if FaceBook scrolled jealousy updates, but instead, liars strip in the basement of YouTube’s cabaret. God is the booker; he pushes tacky videos, synthetic music, plus a wave […]