Watch BIG DIPPER’s Pro Side B*tches Anthem in “Why We Can’t” feat. Rena
Mon, 16/07/18 – 15:00 | No Comment

Bodacious, body positive beauty Big Dipper has got yr summer hip-hop jam on lock! The queer rapper just released his latest vid for single Why We Can’t, from forthcoming debut album Late Bloomer. “It’s about that grey area in a relationship when the future is unclear”. says Dipper. “After I initially wrote the song, I kind […]

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Donate to Haiti Relief via Text
Wednesday, 20 Jan, 2010 – 3:13 | No Comment
Donate to Haiti Relief via Text

Please text ‘Yéle’ to 501501 to donate $5 to Yéle Haiti. Your money will help with relief efforts.

Interview with Patrick McDonald from Bravo TV’s “Launch My Line”
Saturday, 5 Dec, 2009 – 3:12 | No Comment
Interview with Patrick McDonald from Bravo TV’s “Launch My Line”

OK Patrick, Let’s shut it down!!! Give us the dirt.
You know there are certain things I can’t say!
That’s gonna make this a really short interview. Maybe what you can tell us is ‘who are you’?
People that really know fashion, know what I’ve done. A lot of people still ask to this day, ‘What does he […]

Berlin Noise with “Château Laut”
Sunday, 11 Oct, 2009 – 2:00 | No Comment
Berlin Noise with “Château Laut”

It’s a voice that’s almost more sound than music at times, but there’s no denying that it is music.

This is the kind of band we don’t often get to hear in the US. They’re loud, instrumental and at times bizarre, but there’s something oddly familiar about Château Laut, that elicits memories of action movies and […]

Interview with Vincent Frank of “Frankmusik”
Monday, 28 Sep, 2009 – 0:39 | No Comment
Interview with Vincent Frank of “Frankmusik”

Hey Vincent! What’s it like being in NYC on the Perez Hilton Presents tour?
Loads of shit’s been goin on with the band. My tour manager is just a fucking idiot! He’s been causing some problems and he’s getting fired! It’s just a bit of a shock for me ’cause I’ve never toured this far away […]

Frankmusik Debut Album “Complete Me”
Tuesday, 1 Sep, 2009 – 3:57 | No Comment
Frankmusik Debut Album “Complete Me”

I first met up with Frankmusik, aka Vincent Frank, aka Mr. Mouth, aka Vincent Turner in East London, back in 2006. I was a guest Dj at an electro-clash party called Anti-Social, hosted by London art-vant garde royalty duo Yr Mum (Scottee) Ya Dad (Buster Bennett). Vincent was going by the auspicious nom de guerre […]

“Voguing” Goes Nationwide on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew
Thursday, 20 Aug, 2009 – 2:54 | No Comment
“Voguing” Goes Nationwide on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew

New York Ballroom Houses unite, bringing the dance-style Voguing out of the underground, to the MTV stage on America’s Best Dance Crew. Check out the first two episodes with group Vogue Evolution, featuring icon Devon Webster aka Pony Jourdan Zion, Dashaun “Evisu” Williams, Jorel Rios, Malechi Williams and the lovely Leiomy “Mizrahi” Maldonado. See […]