#TransformationTuesday: QWERRRKOUT feat. Darcvalac
Tue, 12/02/19 – 15:00 | No Comment

Transformation Tuesday just got a whole lot QTer…New queers featured every week! Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next, featured QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK! #YearOfThePig  (Mx Qwerrrk vid by celebrity photog Santiago Felipe).


Age: 22

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“My name is Diego, better known as Darcvalac- a multidisciplinary artist (performance, visual, conceptual/contemporary) showcasing my work mainly in the […]

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Stream: QT “Hey QT”
Saturday, 30 Aug, 2014 – 19:36 | No Comment
Stream: QT “Hey QT”

In keeping with the latest social trending of everything plastic is fantastic, it’s no surprise that London’s PC Music label has taken pop music to super saccharin sweet levels on new track “Hey QT”. Mixing SOPHIE-like vocals and the hyper-anime production of A.G. Cook, QTis as artificial sounding as you can get, and totally addictive! “So what or who is […]

Watch: “Bye Felicia” Feat. Erica Gabriel and Steven Gant
Thursday, 28 Aug, 2014 – 19:58 | No Comment
Watch: “Bye Felicia” Feat. Erica Gabriel and Steven Gant

The catchphrase craze “Bye Felicia”, originated in the 1995 film “Friday”, is now a HUGE dance floor hit! And DJ Joe Gauthreaux (Justin Bieber remixer) just released this funny little video where NYC club personality Erica Gabriel goes on a search around the Big Apple to find Felicia, along the way running into tasty treat model Steven Gant, doing what he does […]

Julian Serrano Twerkin’ 2 Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty”
Wednesday, 6 Aug, 2014 – 19:40 | No Comment
Julian Serrano Twerkin’ 2 Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty”

I could just watch this all day! I mean, twerkin’ is a bit twerked, but Julian Serrano is truly a phenom! Watch him display his talents so effortlessly to Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty” track. And there’s more jelly HERE!!!

Watch Now: Adore Delano “Hello, I love You”
Friday, 1 Aug, 2014 – 14:29 | No Comment
Watch Now: Adore Delano “Hello, I love You”

RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up and former American Idol contestant Adore Delano releases Hello, I love You, the fourth single from her slammin’ debut album, Till Death Do Us Party. This time around, Adore gets all Katy Perry-ish pop, a fun departure from her hit single I Adore U…and a bit psycho in the video, hanging out in her all pink bedroom, perusing […]

Watch: Naked Scandinavian Boys In “Wonk” NSFW
Friday, 25 Jul, 2014 – 21:52 | No Comment
Watch: Naked Scandinavian Boys In “Wonk” NSFW

Tons of naked Scandinavian boys being filmed by nightlife icon Mrs. Raw, and the amazing avant garde Duo Raw glamorously inserted into the mix. This is apparently a promo for Stockholm club Wonk, inspired by Madonna’s “Justify My Love” and Pet Shop Boys’ “Being Boring”. And the extremely smooth men featured here actually work at the club! Gosh…Nords really are gnarly!

Stream: Perfume Genius “Queen”
Wednesday, 16 Jul, 2014 – 17:00 | No Comment
Stream: Perfume Genius “Queen”

“Sometimes I see faces of blank fear when I walk by … if these fucking people want to give me some power — if they see me as some sea witch with penis tentacles that are always prodding and poking and seeking to convert the muggles — well, here she comes!”- Perfume Genius