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Age: 22

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio


“A trans darling, straight out of a vintage headshot. She has beauty, grace, […]

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Hercules and Love Affair…album review

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Finding that clever hook in an overly saturated music market today is not a simple task. Getting your music, how you want it, is easier than ever before, but finding the quality in the quantities is a challenge that most modern “musicians” fail to meet. Hercules and Love Affair, the newly formed collective from Andrew Butler and Tim Goldsworthy of DFA is part of a new wave of art school music makers that have put a new twist on vintage dance sounds.

With a self titled album that references Greek mythology, HALA is not just taking a trip through the ancient ruins of gods and heroes. A ten track disco odyssey that samples the elevating grooves of legendary New York night club Paradise Garage, nods to house music DJ Frankie Knuckles, modern guitar disco found in bands like The Rapture, Hot Chip, and LCD Soundsystem, and the jazz brass orchestration of Steve Bernstein and Carter Yasutaki, HALA captures that euphoric feeling of being transfixed and transported on the dance floor.

New Yorker Andrew Butler, producer, writer and singer, is just one part of the Hercules clique. Kim Ann Foxman sings on Athene and Iris, taking a stab at female liberation promotion and the abolishment of altruistic behaviour by crooning about selfless acts “…today is the day for someone else…this moment is yours and you can give it to someone else”. While the sentiment is encouraging, it tends to have a hippie cult-like agenda that comes off a bit preachy.

What comes as no surprise are the brilliant tracks Raise me up and recent single release Blind both sung by Antony Hegarty of the Mercury Prize winning Antony and the Johnsons. Hegarty gives us what he does best, haunting melodies that are both ethereal and relatable. His coloring outside the lines shapes a reflective commentary on vulnerable human emotions that most of us choose not to see. Hegarty is the gem that adds significant value to an anthology of magestic tunes.

Hercules and Love Affair may not be a dance floor filler album yet, but with the bevvy of notable friends associated with this project, there’s bound to be tons of remixes for the introspective kids that like to work out their pain under the glare of disco lights.

Paisley Dalton 

single Blind available on download, album out now on import!

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