#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: BLEACH’s Ultimate Michelle Visage Transformation
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Age: 27

Location: Dallas, Texas


“Making a splash whenever she goes, Bleach is a staple in the Dallas […]

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The Manic Sentiment of Azari & III INTERVIEW

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Riding the current wave of ’90s and noughties house-music revisionism, Toronto’s production/DJ team Azari & III have managed to spark up ADD dance floors all over again with soul-flecked tunes, infused with samba beats, steel drums and electro elements. They’ve collaborated with UK indie band Friendly Fires, built a buzz with live shows and four-to-the-floor remixes for dance contemporaries Robyn, Cut Copy, Uffie and Creep (Romy of The xx), and may have just been called on by the Material Girl herself to open on her next tour. The quartet’s slick, self-titled debut album, which includes hit singles “Reckless,” “Hungry for the Power,” and “Manic,” is now being re-released with recent signing to major label Island Records. Co-creator Alixander III gaveInterview the details on how Azari’s sleazy-synth style finds a happy ending.

PAISLEY DALTON: Congrats on signing with Island, and the Madonna gig! Are the rumors true?

ALIXANDER III: We have been given the offer, but are working it out still . . . could go either way!

DALTON: You’re taking a little break before the re-release.

ALIXANDER III: We just decided since we have three weeks off, instead of sitting around watching TV, let’s just make another record! I watch a lot of The Food Network. I can’t get enough of Chopped marathons.

DALTON: I just had a DJ set last night and played both “Reckless” and “Manic” back-to-back in a Nu-Disco set. It was epic! Is this a proper classification for your sound?

ALIXANDER III: We could say it’s pop music or experimental, but I think it’s electronic music umbrella-ed. We had some shit to get out of our closets, to get out of our system on this record. People can say you’re “house,” or “Chicago house,” even “retro house,” and we can’t dissociate ourselves from the product we’ve made, but I sure as hell don’t want to be labeled retro house for much longer. We’d much rather alienate the few people that actually give a shit about retro house music than making another record that explores passion of a new kind of thing we like.

DALTON: But you are clearly referencing ’90s house. Does that affect how you approach the structure and arrangement of producing songs?

ALIXANDER III: It’s really about how the sentiment comes across. The lyrics are one thing and the melodies another. It’s a nuance sliver that hopefully hasn’t been water treaded too many times or redundancy in art, a new little path that goes off in its own direction. We’re making shit that’s like My Bloody Valentine, techno and ambient weird loops with tons of vocal layers. It’s really beautiful! The vibe comes across. It’s not about necessarily making a big track for the dance floor or radio hits.

DALTON: I guess that means you’re responsible for the precisionist beats?

ALIXANDER III: Mostly Dinamo Azari and myself make the music. Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full vocalize ideas and we interpret them with the instruments. We have a pretty democratic process, leaving room for what comes natural.


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