RuPaul’s Drag Race Star AJA Celebrates Gay Pride w/ New Album & Live NYC Concert!!!
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Aja spent the months of quarantine pushing the boundaries of their creativity into a whole new direction in music, dance, video, fashion…and a whole new outlook on life. The result…their second album, CROWN– which incorporates themes of spirituality, fame, race, class, gender, and sexuality. Catch Aja perform the full album live for the first time for NYC […]

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Our amazing editor DJ Paisley Dalton puts out her latest mix for all the lovers, fantasizers and dreamers. KILLAH LOVE is an aural template, chock-full of fey tunes that will ignite the hardest heart of coal into a flaming, full-on amore apocalypse! The narrative starts off with a purposely rocky mix which serves as a metaphor for the trajectory of a somewhat unsure relationship. With “Tangerine”, Salsoul Orchestra’s 1976 cover version of Victor Schertzinger’s gem from the movie The Fleet’s In, Paisley sets the soundscape for a fun night out, twirling amongst the glitterati, followed up by soulful one-night-stand anthem “Touch Me In The Morning” by Marlena Shaw, originally done by the head diva Diana Ross, that captures the reluctance of dealing with the impending emptiness of space after he’s gone. The culmination of all this schmaltz ends in a seamless mix, followed by an abrupt break-up. 70s porn-inspired nu-edit “So What” clearly signifies a collapse and that it’s time to move on. And when it’s time to check-out of hotel heartbreak…nasty girl Khia let’s it be known that if your gonna play baby, you gotta “Pay Yo Pussy Bill”! Genius!


Lady Bunny, “Great”

Joey Arias, “No Killers. Just Lovers. I’ll never forget that night of snuff!

Ab Soto, “EEE eeooo Wow! YAAS!


RIP WHITNEY…this one’s 4 U!!!!


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