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The Ting Tings…album review

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Just when we thought the indie scene had shot its last load after a never-ending parade of cock-rock guitar bands like The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and Bloc party, a new duo rises from the skiny tie ashes with Go! Team spirit and Pixies depth to claim the crowne.

Hipster-hop electronic duo The Ting Tings are setting UK dance floors ablaze with garage punky pop music and a whole lotta girl (and boy) attitude. With Jules De Martino on drums and fashionista Hatie White turning out synth-happy style tones in a succession of loops, TT is full of fun, topped with a touch of cheeky bitchiness. After forming in 2006 at an alternative lifestyle commune in Manchester, the two self-proclaimed outsiders decided to break out of isolation and let the world know it’s cool to be uncool, and the best revenge on naysayers are songs that emote and empower unapologetically.

Soon to be released album We Started Nothing, features 2007 club hit single That’s Not My Name, which samples a catchy guitar riff from Toni Basil’s 80’s chart topper Mickey. White tries to reconcile who she’s becoming with whom she used to be- once always on the peripheral peeking in, but never really part of the party. She realizes that having had nothing “special” to bring to the table, it’s no wonder people dismissed her. But as the chorus kicks in, blondini White gets amped and let’s it be known that her wallflower days are over and she’s giving everybody something new to talk about.

The latest single Great DJ is the obvious club hit. Put the word “DJ” in any tune and you’re bound to get play by every cleverless DJ in town. Luckily, this is not only a no-brainer but a finely constructed indie rock song that utilizes the current electro sound in an understated way- the modernity of technology reworked as an accent for a contemporary sound, not as a brash re-hashing seen in other groups whose only reference for instrumentation can be found in a software program.

The Ting Tings are unfortunately being touted as the “hottest group of 2008” already. Usually, this title carries an expectation that few groups have ever lived up to. But with two songs in the top ten, shows at SXSW and Glastonbury, a UK/US tour underway, and comparisons to the B-52s and Hot Chip this is a band whose name we will not soon be forgetting.

Paisley Dalton

album out May 19th!

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