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Jackie Beat’s Greatest Tits

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America’s most beloved full-figured drag star Jackie Beat offers up a “Best Of” show featuring some of her most twisted and most often-requested hits. Will she offer up one of her odes to large endowments such as the Dolly Parton-inspired “9 by 5” or the Sir Mix-a-Lot parody “Baby Got Front”? Perhaps “Poo On Me Later” (with apologies to Sade), “Love Crack” (with apologies to The B-52’s) or “Anal Virgin” (with no apologies to Madonna)? Will she warn against the evils of teaching theatre to impressionable, effeminate youths as set to Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama”? Or perhaps “Soup or Salad” (to the tune of “Supersonic”), “Breathlyzer” (to Britney’s “Womanizer”) or “Billy & The Priest” (to the theme from “Beauty & The Beast”)? Come find out for yourself! We guarantee you’ll leave saying “Thanks for the Mammaries!”


Laurie Beechman Theatre at West Bank Cafe, 407 W 42nd St at Ninth Ave, NYC, Fri 14-Sun 16, 7:30-9pm, $15 + f/b min

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