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INTERVIEW: Cazwell Gives Good Aural

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Just sat down with my bestie/pop star Cazwell, who is still whilin’ out from the huge success of his latest video Helen Keller. Chatted a bit about hip hop, his staying power in the music biz, what homos really want when it comes to getting their twirl on in the clubs…and ‘when we gonna have tea again mofo!’ Cazwell clearly knows what it takes to keep the boys “interests” and other parts peaked!

Paisley Dalton: Has gay pop music gone mainstream now?
Cazwell: A lot of gay people are thinking more alternatively now…alternative pop or hip hop, thanks to artists like Azealia Banks or Iggy Azalea. Gay people aren’t always necessarily interested in hearing what’s new. For the most part, they want familiar sounds.
Paisley: Are you pop?
Cazwell: I’m very influenced by what’s popular on the dance floor. That doesn’t only mean dance music at 128bpm. I try to challenge myself. There’s a big difference between my songs No Selfie Control and Helen Keller (with Manila Luzon). I like good, solid songs.
Paisley: Your fave songs?
Cazwell: I really love Cakes Da Killa’s mixtape (The Eulogy). I love the new M.I.A. album. Dai Burger has one of my favorite girl rapper voices right now. She’s right up there with Nicki Minaj. I have to say that I listen to my own music the most [laughs] because I’m trying to finish the album (Hard 2 B Fresh).
Paisley: What keeps you relevant?
Cazwell: Well, thank you…if you’re calling me relevant! Ultimately what keeps people talking about me is to keep dropping music with videos that people want to discuss. I don’t always get it right. But, as long as you’re moving that machine, you’re eventually going to drop something that people like. When I did my Tonight video, no one said, ‘Oh…what’s that song…come play in my club.’ But, I got paid in respect for that artistically. What really makes one relevant is when you have a song and a video that translates to the club.
Paisley: Is your appeal more your videos or your tracks?
Cazwell: It has to be both. I don’t think [the song] Ice Cream Truck translates well without the video.
Paisley: What do gays want music-wise in the club?
Cazwell: More hip hop! Three years ago, I could not have started a hip hop party. When I play Miley Cyrus’ 23 track with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, they are letting themselves feel the beat because Miley’s on it. Then I can play Riff Raff’s Dolce & Gabbana or Jay-Z and Kanye’s Ni**as in Paris. Gays are more inclined to love hip hop now more than ever. What they want from me is fun.
Paisley: Macklemore vs Kendrick Lamar
Cazwell: I didn’t here the whole Kendrick Lamar album, but Dr. Dre produced it and you can’t really go wrong with Dre. I’m happy for Macklemore. They come from grassroots hip hop in Seattle. They are very easy to like. I do think that because they’re white, they have certain advantages that black people don’t have. But regardless if they are black or white, I’m happy that the number one hip hop album of the year is pro-gay and pro-equality.
Paisley: What’s next?
Cazwell: I’m going to try to drop a video every 8 weeks. I’m doing a video for every song on the next album… and I have an Australian tour coming up with Luciana that starts end of February through March.

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