Sashay to the Polls with Brita Filter’s “You Brita Vote, Kay?” feat. KayKay Lavelle & Bryce Quartz
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Drag queens and rap music collide in voter-engagement hit You Brita Vote, Kay ?, aimed at inspiring LGBTQIA+ voters in 2020. With a fierce message about getting out the queer vote, the sassy track, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Brita Filter (National Co-Chair for Drag Out The Vote), KayKay Lavelle (Drag Ambassador for Drag Out The Vote), and Bryce Quartz, brings awareness to important issues […]

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Willow Smith Reposts Her “Venus De Milo” After Instagram Censor

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Willow Smith, fast becoming the most tricky of the Smith family, posted a pic of her in a Vfiles vintage Jean Paul Gaultier titty top that apparently got everybody gaggin’ on Instagram. The Venus de Milo look features just the breasts of the Greek statue, but that was more than enough to have the internet rant about how she’s 14, inappropriate…and blah blah, forcing the pic to be snatched down. Anyway, she has since reposted it on herTwitter. “When did the women’s body start being something to hide? #freethenipple”- says Willow. Rah Rah!!! Although, I must say, this looks like a Vfiles stunt…in the Breaktheinternet style of Paper Magazine & Kim Kardashian.



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