Stream – Rosé Releases Debut Single “The Devil in The Details”
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The Broadway baby of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13, Rosé, is planning on having a footloose and fancy-free summer with new track “The Devil in The Details.”

The song, with its ’80s glam throwback vibe, is about breaking free of being hyper-focused on perfection. “So often, people get caught up in getting everything right on every last detail,” says Rosé. […]

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Chapman Thinks Guys Like Being Treated Badly By Other Guys in “Bully” Video

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alex chapman


NYC gay rapper Chapman just released a strange new video for Bully track that starts off with a few sped-up black and white frames of him looking straight into the camera, before it abruptly stops, but not before he gives viewers the finger. Then comes a bunch of layered stock footage imagery (some NSFW) that appears to be a bizarre, pieced together story, told through Chapman’s sadistic recollection.

“Tristan Reginato (director) really took the reins on the visuals, and is behind the concept of overlaying footage on top of footage, says Chapman. “We used that process to paint a picture of the bully. The images kinda manifest the song, which I wrote when I was frustrated with myself, and how I can treat guys sometimes. But also realizing in retrospect that guys want to be treated badly. I’m a bully, but they wanna get to know me, as the song says.”


Well, didn’t see that coming! Chapman is the sweetest dude out there. Who knew that he felt like he was a bully for masochists? The only bad thing here is that we only get to see his sexy fotch for a few seconds. Perhaps that’s his way of punishing us…and I guess we kinda like it! Look for his forthcoming debut album Progress Report coming soon.


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