#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday feat. AVE
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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week! Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next, featured QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK! Oh…and don’t forget to get the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW “Notorious P.I.G.” merch HERE!!! 


Age: 22

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio


“A trans darling, straight out of a vintage headshot. She has beauty, grace, […]

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Stream: Queer Punk Rapper Stose “Civil Disobedience” EP

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New York-based rapper Stose just put out his debut EP Civil Disobedience, in response to ‘Authorities oppressing the people’. This is no bubblegum pop diatribe. Stose uses hip-hop beats and punk angst narratives to frame his message that it’s time to fight back against intolerance and inequality. On the Murdered By The State track, Stose channels the rage and dismay he felt following the death of Michael Brown, an 18 y/o black man killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri. As a queer-identified man, Stose stands clear in his fight against apathy, police brutality and injustice, armed with lyrical anarchy.


“Music is the only outlet in which I can truly express myself,” says Stose. “I’ve always had an insistent urge to question authority. The idea of ‘resistance’ was an itch that needed to be scratched, especially in the presence of authority figures.”



Civil Disobedience is out now on iTunes!

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