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Age:  30

Location: Santiago, Chile


“An ancestral, shapeshifting elven who left the woods to bring […]

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Queer Punk Poet Stose Is Choking On Anxiety On New Track “Full Blown Panic Attack”

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Tatted up punk rapper Stose writes songs that are like a mapping for the conflicts inside his head. The self-proclaimed ‘weird queer’ is constantly commenting on the current state of our world…and he’s not a happy camper…and he thinks nor should you be. His latest track Full Blown Panic Attack (from Civil Disobedience EP) echoes his continuing struggle to get his listeners to face the real world- which he feels is full of corruption and greed, read the writing on the wall, and get aligned with their own truth…which he admits can be ‘drastically overwhelming’.


Stose says:


“This track is about my personal struggles with becoming more aware, but it is also meant to convey the feelings of helplessness and frustration that many people in my generation, and others, feel on a daily basis. It is my belief that people are becoming more aware, but there is still a great deal of ignorance left to battle. This song is for all those people who want the world to be a better place but feel as though they aren’t capable of doing anything about it. There is nothing you, alone, can do about it, but WE, together, can bring upon real change. Stand up, speak out and brush off all criticism. Be the the people of the future you imagine.”

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