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Iconic Fashion Designer Patricia Field is Closing New York Store!!!

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Sad news today! After 50 years of dressing and inspiring all the club kids and drag queens in NYC, and creating iconic looks for hit TV shows Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, and cult fashion film The Devil Wears Prada, Emmy Award winning and Oscar nominated costume designer Patricia Field is closing her legendary boutique on the Bowery this spring.

I was one of the lucky ones who worked at the original Patricia Field store on 8th St, from 1998-2000, along with other fab kiddies like Amanda Lepore, Nomi Ruiz (Jessica 6), pop dance music group The Ones (Paul Alexander, Jojo Americo and Nashom Wooden, Pony Boy Magazine’s Maria Ayala, Codie Leone, Von Nyc’s Tobell Von Cartier, Armen Ra, Carlis Pistol, Robi Martin, Perfidia, Rudy Reed, Summer Raquel, Corvette Hunt, Danna, Chicklet, Connie Fleming and sooo many more! This store was THE place to catch a glimpse at what was next in fashion. In fact, Pat pushed us to make sure we were searching for original designers that no one knew about. It was a crazy time. She made us all feel like celebrities, encouraged us to have a life outside of the store, and more than anything, she let us be ourselves. So, for me, that meant coming to work in fishnets and 6 inch thigh-high boots. Oh, and she also said. “People like us don’t have boyfriends and girlfriends”. LOL…ain’t that the truth! Maybe now you can take a break lady…and try to change that statement…hahahaha!!!

Patricia Field via New York Daily News:

“I’ve enjoyed the game … but I’m getting tired, because the store has grown to such a size. I want to open my social life back up, and go to the gym for a swim every day. I can’t do normal things anymore, and I’m feeling it. I’d like to make a movie with a friend of mine. I’ve had many offers to do a book, but we haven’t had the time. So I don’t want to retire and just sit there – that’s not in my nature – but I really felt the need to simplify.”

Paisley Dalton: Anything cute you wanna say before I post this?

Patricia Field: The only thing I’ll miss is my customers that come into my shop and tell me how much they love the store, how happy they are to be there, and that there is no other shop ANYWHERE like it. This always gives me positive inspiration.


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Check out the trailer for Patricia Field documentary The Little House That Could.



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