#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: MISTY G QUARTZ, CEO of Queer Cosmetics Brand “Misty G Beauty”
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Misty G Quartz

Age: 25

Location: […]

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Interview with Vincent Frank of “Frankmusik”

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Hey Vincent! What’s it like being in NYC on the Perez Hilton Presents tour?

Loads of shit’s been goin on with the band. My tour manager is just a fucking idiot! He’s been causing some problems and he’s getting fired! It’s just a bit of a shock for me ’cause I’ve never toured this far away from home. You’re out of your safety zone…I just can’t get a train back home if something goes wrong. Perez has been great, I can’s say anything bad about a guy who plucks a boy from Croydon out of obscurity.

Did you enjoy the gig?

To be honest with you, I missed your set. I got there too late. Was with Cazwell, working on outfits for his next video.

Oh! I know Cazwell’s music.

So, how’s NYC? Did you go out after the show?

I ended up at One Oak. Me mate said we’re goin to this really cool club. It was so boujie. It’s just full of assholes. There were all these models there. It was just so pretentious.

We heard the scene in London has changed too.

It’s died in London. After Nu Rave happened, everything just disappeared. I knew this was going to happen. Nu Rave took all the clichés of club culture and fashion. Basically, you could be anything you wanted to be. So there was no brief anymore.

How did you end up hangin out with nu ravers?

I’d just come off of boarding school for eight years and studying for a couple of years and I felt I was with people in that scene. There was a lot of us doing something exciting. Everyone was bouncing off each other. You’d walk into a room and everyone knows that everyone’s made an effort…though no one would actually admit it. It was awesome! For me, being a heterosexual in that scene, I had the best of both worlds.

What worlds are you talking about?

Hooking up with girls!

But you said ‘both’ worlds. I noticed there were quite a few screaming boys last night. There was actually a discussion outside, in the smoking area, where a couple of twinks said they really wanted to fuck you.

Well, I’m flattered! I started off in the gay clubs. For me, in London, I was going through an experimental stage. I was doing something quite camp. Whenever you do something experimental, you find people who champion social freedom within themselves. There were a lot of gay people in the clubs I went to. I wasn’t going there ’cause I was tryin’ to get gay fags. I was going because I enjoyed not having to fight with anyone. Straight clubs are quite aggressive.

So, what exactly happened during this ‘experimental’ stage?

I’ve never had sex with a guy. No full-on penetrative sex.

Blow jobs?

I’ve never had a blow-job from a guy either. I’ve snogged a couple of blokes…that’s it! I’ve never been a cock tease.

You started off as Mr. Mouth…a rapper. Why the change to Pop?

My grand dad passed away and it gave me a wake-up call. I wanted to take music more seriously. So, when I came around to getting rid of my beat box identity, I re-birthed myself into Frankmusik. I’ve always written songs, and I’ve always wanted to make the production more cutting edge. Make everything sound kinda retro-futuristic. Pop music is sorta the purest form of music. I wrote what I thought was a really refined pop album. It tells a story that starts off big and then disintegrates. I never wanted to make an album of singles. I wanted to make it more like an art exhibition.

You seem really lonely and disconnected. Every song on your new album Complete Me is about love or lack of love.

The album was about one relationship. It was horrible! It was a very intense, passionate relationship. It was for me anyway. When we split up, I was still going out to London parties like Anti-Social and Electrowerkz, and I came up with some of the lyrics at those parties. The break-up was hard work…so I started writing. It was very cathartic.

And now? Are you still single?

I’m nearly sprung with my current girlfriend and I’ve got a new project called Top That Bobcat. It’s a new chapter in how I do things. It’s more urban.

Paisley Dalton

Frankmusik debut album Complete Me Out Now!


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