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Black Kids…debut Album!!!

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One of the most touted Myspace bands of the moment, Black Kids have finally released their pop-indie debut album Partie Traumatic with a bounty of booty shakin’ tunes.

The Florida pop-indie quintet is bringing back that feeling of youthful emotional angst and despair usually penned by cult bands like The Cure and Arcade Fire. But these kids are adding a bit of newfangled new wave beats that are pushing them to the top of the heap of the current lumpen ladrock bands.

Partie Traumatic is an infectious soundtrack for the disenfranchised that have decided to suck up the tears and work it out at the disco. The first single I’m not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You has lead singer Reggie Youngblood flirting with gender ambiguity by apparently taking on the persona of a recently scorned teenaged girl. Opening line “You are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of ever since I was a little girl” starts off as a courtship that apexes with Youngblood and his/her new girl hooking up on the dance floor, only later to be blocked by her boyfriend. Youngblood seems to take it all in stride, but as the chorus kicks in we realize that this is a song about him always being the party starter, but never leaving with the pretty party favour.

On 60’s doo wop track I’ve Underestimated My Charm Youngblood takes on the role of the heartbreaker who dumps a girl who spends a bit too much time giving head to statues in a park- not sure if this is to be taken literally or metaphorically, either way she’s a bit too loose for Youngblood who is equal parts bewidering and loathsomely charming. After all the “dear John” prose is over with, back-up singers Ali (Youngblood’s sister) and Dawn Watley amp up the pace, bringing in sing along bop and beep sound effects reminiscent of the early Shirelles or current retro girl group The Puppini Sisters. All of the sudden the song twists into a romantic novel, complete with the requisite promise of hope and a happy ending.

Hurricane Jane is a smooth cruisin’ segue song about empty one-night stands where one is conflicted about shacking up with someone you obsessed over at the club, only later to realize that you were just being selfish, looking for anybody who could fill your void- this is about your needs and reciprocation/affection is not part of the plan.

After recovering from a bit of self-introspection, 80s synth tune Listen to your Body Tonight rams in with stompin rhythm and choppy guitars, easily one of the best tracks that’s bound to put BK on the top of the charts. Once again Youngblood brings in the girl vocals for that added bitchie tone that only unrequited bitter girls can bring. It’s a good vs evil consciousness message where your brain is telling you no, but the body is willing. It’s a bit kooky surreal, but the best floor filler chant on the album.

Black Kids have put together a frenetic anthology that sums up seamlessly the trip we all take in searching for that elusive soulmate- sometimes he/she comes all wrapped up with a bow, more often it’s more of a mixed up cocktail of alcohol and amphetamine based admiration. But in the current tapas music scene where buying an actual CD of songs is uncool, BK deliver a ten track course meal that invites us to sit down, sample the unfamiliar, and gorge on the journey.

Paisley Dalton

Album out now!!! www.myspace.com/blackkidsrock

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