Watch: Trace Lysette “SMB”
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Porn Stars & Go-Go Boys Exposed in New Sherry Vine Show “Trade2Trade”

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Dirty, dirty little girl!!! Drag icon Sherry Vine is taking her YouTube network gaySVTVworld to a fantastically filthy place, kicking off season 2 with new show Trade2Trade! Let’s face it, we really only use the internet for peepin’ boys, and Miss Vine is going deep inside some of your fave fantasy men. Trade2Trade stars Kalle Westerling and his partner in crime, Monet Xchange, as they sit down and dish with go-go boys, male burlesque performers and porn stars (including Chris Harder, Geronimo, super hot Boomer Banks, Daniel Nardicio, Nathan Ayon and Mr. Gorgeous)  who all have more to reveal than their hot bods. Trade2Trade premieres October 2nd on gaySVTVworld. Check out the trailer below, and Sherry’s new Lady Gaga “Perfect Illusion” parody.

“We are approaching our one year anniversary and I couldn’t be more proud of my little gay baby,” says Sherry Vine from her Manhattan home.  “I’m really  pleased that we’re adding more music to the channel and I’m super horny, I mean, excited for our Trade2Trade series!”

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