Watch: Peppermint “Best Sex”
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Watch: Sherry Vine “Side To Side” feat. Cessa La Princessa (Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Parody)

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The hardest working drag queen ON PLANET EARTH Sherry Vine is still looking for that d*ck of damnation, screwing day and night in new Nicki Minaj x Ariana Grande parody Side To Side. But, be careful what you wish for, cause Sherry says (in an operatic squeal) her latest conquest had the “biggest d*ck I’ve ever seen. It made me want to scream…got me limping side-to-side”! Sidekick Cessa La Princessa’s got Miss Vine’s back though, keepin’ it real cha cha Boricua with a Minaj-style fresh-type-o-flow rap, battling against no-good scrubs looking to just touch and go. Watch the hilarious clip below!

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