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#DownInTheDM: Mx Qwerrrk Q&A w/ ADORE DELANO “Tell Me My Grilled Cheese Is The Best?, I’ll Marry You!”

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Adore Delano is the nu-gen voice in everybody’s ears these days…and the one with the most tagged images and reposts on social media to back up her genre-breaking appeal. Her latest album Whatever is supposedly her rock opus…her authentic voice…something she’s always wanted to do. “I’m finally doing the music I’ve been dying to perform”, says Delano. But I think everyone can agree that when the RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant released single I Adore U, back in 2014, she was at her most punk rock ever! It was an anthem that would shut down a dance floor, while everyone stood in reverie. You couldn’t find a song by any other gay artist of our time that had more of a visceral impact. It spoke to our lost, nascent souls, and at the same time gave us the balls to carry on without supplication. Adore Delano is Rock ‘n’ Roll in its purest, most powerful essence…that’s LIT!!!


Check out the super cute Q&A #DownInTheDM from QwerrrkOut, with Adore Delano and WOWlebrity Mx Qwerrrk, where America’s favorite androgynous recording artist tells all!!! Plus, check out her latest video Whole Nine Yards! Whatever is out now on iTunes! (pic by Angelo Di-Benedetto Imagery)


Mx Qwerrrk: Preferred pronouns?
Adore Delano: I used to get mad when they’d call me a chick back-in-the-day, but now I don’t really give a shit what they call me, as long as it’s not collect! I also don’t want the fact that I don’t mind to take from the importance of others feelings. Non-binary people sometimes can feel completely lost for the majority of their lives.

Thong or commando?


Cunt or uncunt?


Fave punk/rock band?

Spice Girls

Best Dead or Alive song?

I’m not gonna get all deep. You Spin Me Round was everyone’s shit!


Best drag or trans performer?

Best RuPaul’s Drag Race season?

Season 4


Monogamy or Polyamory?

Both! I love sex with different people, but I can also switch it up with the same person, when I’m gross and sweet in the future.


What kind of boys do you like?

Every color of the rainbow. Every shape of the Lego. If you can play with my hair and tell me my grilled cheese is the best, I’ll marry you!
Size queen?
Never have been. Don’t get me wrong I love the D, but the B and F and A’s and L’s need love too.
Fave song on Whatever?
It’s like asking a Mom to choose a favorite out of her kids, but I think my Mom actually does have a favorite… so, 27 Club?
Do you want a perfect soul?
“I want a perfect body”.
What’s next?
Hopefully promising tomorrows and forgetful yesterdays?

Hello Daddy

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#Whatever now available.

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Get #WHATEVER on iTunes now! (Link in bio)

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