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#TransformationTuesday: QWERRRKOUT feat. Vlada Vitrova

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Transformation Tuesday just got a whole lot QTer…New queers featured every week! Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next, featured QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK! #YearOfThePig  (Mx Qwerrrk vid by celebrity photog Santiago Felipe).

Vlada Vitrova

Age: 28

Location: Växjö, Sweden


“Vlada is a character described as a Brazilian/Russian spy, currently working as the Minister of International Affairs of the fictitious URSAL (Union of the Socialist Republic of Latin America). My major inspiration is a Russian-born cis female drag called Elke Maravilha, who moved to Brazil as a child in the 1940’s and lived her whole life there. As I am a cis woman myself, I decided to pay homage to one of ours who was simply erased from queer herstory for being a cis woman.I decided to start doing drag two years ago as a way to express my unconformities with the stereotypes and the expected behavior of women. I heard my whole life that I should wear this, sit like that, talk like that, etc; or I would either look like a man or a hoe (and also as a way to cope with my depression). So I decided to come up with a character through which I could express how I feel like a woman, and how I would like to be seen beyond all the things society expects from me…I am badass, rock-faced, and strong-minded – but very campy and kitsch at the same time.Before I started doing drag, I had never played with makeup and never knew the difference between a foundation and compact powder (besides one being liquid and the other not, haha). So, it took me a couple of months before I came up with my face and a character that didn’t look too sloppy and messy (trust me, my first months in drag belong to the deep web archives!). I am really into retro looks and big wigs, which I style by myself.I perform in Växjö (one of the cities I live) at Kafe de Luxe and contribute with the Växjö Pride since 2017- the biggest Pride in Sweden after Stockholm!I hope I get to inspire more women to try the art of drag, since the more diversity we have in queer scenes, the better!”

Instagram: vladavitrova

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