#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday feat. Veida Shimmy
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Veida Shimmy

Age: 32

Location: Paris, France


“Interplanetary drag, born naked 2007 in Brazil. Veida is a creature, but […]

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Thomas Dozol Exhibition w/ Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Stipe and more

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Thomas Dozol’s ‘entre temps’ is an ongoing series of 16 square-inch color photographs that
chronicles his inner circle, made up of a roster of musicians, artists and fashion industry types, among them Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Stipe, Jake Shears and Mike Mills. He captures them within 15 minutes of stepping out of the shower (Dozol just happens to have access to their bathrooms.)

With an aim to challenge the normally inherent voyeurism of photography, Dozol’s portraits examine a unique moment of contemplation and self-reflection, exploring borders between intimacy and familiarity. Dozol obtains these uninterrupted moments in time by disappearing as much as possible into the surroundings of each subject, so as not to interfere with their daily routine. Instead of directing the perfect shot, he lets the specific daily ritual unfold, which allows him to capture an authentic and unguarded moment. Dozol works with only his camera; there are no set-like lights or crew members, and his subjects are not under direction. This decision makes the act of creating the work almost as intimate as the ritual itself, an intimacy that is further underscored by the closeness of the photographer to his subjects and the intimate format of the prints themselves.

Flavored with the symbolism of water (most of the subjects are still wet) Dozol quotes sacred rituals involving water. ‘Being reborn,’ ‘washing away,’ ‘starting anew;’ these are just a few of the concepts that can be applied to both sacred rituals and the daily ritual of taking a shower. Because the effect doesn’t last long, the picture has to be taken within 15 minutes of showering.

A meditation on human existence, it is no surprise that the inspiration for the series grew out of the artist’s fascination with the ability of the Nabis painters to elevate seemingly mundane moments. In a similar form of elevation Dozol’s beautifully composed portraits are both subtle and strong, capturing both the essence of the subject as well as Dozol’s deeply rooted sense of raw beauty and emotion.
The resulting work is a collection of intimate portraits that resonate with a calm intensity. At times subtlety dramatic, they are symbolic and spiritual in nature and characterized by a compelling vividness and tactility.

Thomas Dozol was born in Martinique. This is his first solo exhibition in New York. His work has been featured in numerous international publications such as, Interview, Vogue, Paper and AnotherMan.

Envoy Enterprises, 131 Chrystie St bet Delancey and Broome Sts, NYC, 212-226-4555, January 7-February 14, www.envoyenterprises.com

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