Watch RICH LUX “Clock It The House” feat. Lushious Massacr, Theresa Roemer, Blackberri & More!
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OH, HONEY!!! Your fave crown-wearing, not bothered, drama servin’ YouTuber Rich Lux (‘never shady…just a gay lady’) has just released his highly anticipated music vid for bop Clock It The House– one of the many, viral catchphrases the pop culturalist serves up on her super popular channel. Directed by Jay Clark, Lux joins tons of his past collaborators and friends, including makeup […]

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Ebony Bones + The Tony Castles + DJ Susan Z Anthony

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UK fashion icon and political heroine Ebony Bones is back in NYC! After releasing her debut album Bone of My Bones last year, which was apparently huge in certain Brit circles, Miss Bones has barely tweaked the radar here in the States. Don’t get it twisted, we love the DIY darlin and all her diva antics, but playin her songs on the dance floors here still make for a royal exodus. She’ll probably be doing some of her new stuff tonight, recorded in…uhh… Mumbai…and if you’re not feelin it, stay for The Tony Castles and DJ Susan Z Anthony.

Southpaw, 125 Fifth Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 718-230-0236, 7:30pm, $12,

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