#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday feat. Ramnoda La Tumora
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Ramnoda La Tumora

Age:  25

Location: Bogotá, Colombia


“Here is the most beautiful tumor! I am Ramnoda […]

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The Horrors “Drawing a Straight Number Nine” Exhibition

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The Horrors frontthing, Faris Badwan, will present a new exhibition of his drawings, artwork and projections at The Book Club on London’s Leonard Street from the 12th of August till the 29th of August 2010.

You’ll be able to recognise some of Faris’ work from the sleeves of The Horrors records, T-Shirts and fanzines, he also created the artwork for records by Hatcham Social, Lumina and The Charlatans.

The new show will feature one hundred original new pieces for the very first time and follows his show in Bristol last year and the acclaimed first exhibition at The Bodhi Gallery on London’s Brick Lane in 2007.

The Horrors, who have spent most of the last twelve months touring around the world, are currently in the studio writing and recording new material for the third album.

Faris: “What I wanted to get across with this exhibition was how much of a part of my life drawing always has been. It invades all of my daily routine, be it in the shredded form of masking tape stuck to my walls, line-drawings on restaurant napkins or the sketchbooks I carry with me. It really is the one constant solid thing in my life – a stream which runs regardless of what I happen to be doing or where.”

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