#DollParts: 7 Minutes In Club Heaven w/ Amanda Lepore & Mx Qwerrrk at Ladyfag’s Battle Hymn NYC (Pt.2, pics)
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After a week of fab Amanda Lepore posts, celebrating the release of her new memoir Doll Parts, here’s the final interview 7 Minutes In Heaven w/ Amanda Lepore at Battle Hymn NYC. We got a chance to party with ‘the #1 transsexual on the planet’ at her packed weekly, for their 1 Year Anniversary…and it was […]

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#DragOnStage: Latrice Royale “Life Goes On”
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#DragOnStage: Latrice Royale “Life Goes On”

RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite Latrice Royale follows up her acclaimed one-woman show Here’s to Life by sharing more of her jazz standard repertoire and unique brand of wit, wisdom, and insight. Latrice also offers us candid and humorous insight into how she keeps her head up in these trying times. The show will also showcase of […]