#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: Banjee Broadway Diva SASHA DAVENPORT (Honey Davenport’s Daughter)
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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week! Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next, featured QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK! Oh…and don’t forget to get the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW “Notorious P.I.G.” merch HERE!!! (Mx Qwerrrk pic by celeb photog Santiago Felipe, Sasha’s pics via Instagram)

Sasha Davenport

Age: 33

Location: New York, New […]

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Latex Ball 2014 NYC…Pop, Dip & Spin!!!

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latex ball 2014


It’s goin’ DOWN!!! The 24th annual Latex Ball in NYC is back, with all the servin, struttin’ and shade that we love. One of the biggest GMHC events of the year, you can expect to see all of the legendary queens out in full effects, and a few gaggin’ celebs (past sightings have included Janet Jackson, Tamar Braxton, Estelle, and Miss J. Alexander). The ball scene got mega attention back in 1990 when Madonna released her Vogue track- an homage to the competition dance style of the same name. This years’ theme is a “Family Affair” (with television and movie-themed categories), but don’t get it twisted, this is a major competition and the battles can be brutal…Let a real b*tch come thru! Full list of categories below. Saturday, August 16th at Terminal 5, NYC. Get tix HERE.



The Kardashians
OTA Best Dressed (2 Trophies- 1 male figure- $100, 1 female figure-$100) Every family has at least one fashionista in its bloodline. However, when it comes to an entire family who is always done, there is only one family that wears the crown, the Kardashians. From simple and elegant to over the top and dramatic red-carpet looks, you can always see Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe done from head to toe, and let’s not forget the gentleman Scott Disick always serving in an elegant suit. Tonight is the night you get to keep up with the Kardashians!

The Versace Family
OTA Labels (2 Trophies- 1 male figure-$200, 1 female figure- $200)
Since the year 1978, the name Versace and fashion has gone hand to hand. From the late great idol designer Gianni, to his outspoken and pop icon sister Donatella, to his brother Santo, and niece Allegra, the Versace Family is infamous for bringing you high fashion couture. Tonight we want you completely done head to toe in labels. However, you must be wearing at least one article of Versace.

The Jetsons
Bizarre (1 Trophy) $250
It’s 2062 in a futuristic Utopia where elaborate robotic aliens and holograms rule the world. Tonight you have been hired by Jane Jetson to create a piece of artwork for her and George’s wedding anniversary. Jane’s only request is that you include something that will incorporate an item that every family member could relate to. She has already informed you that she loves fashion, her son Elroy loves science, her daughter Judy is a typical teenage girl who loves beauty and pop culture, and her husband whose best friend is the family’s pet Astro. Will you be able to pull it off, or will Jane have to give you a good futuristic reading like Mr. Spacely gives her husband?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Team Sex Siren (2 Trophies- 1 male figure, 1 Female figure) $200
When you think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the word sexy, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Will and Jada Smith or the movie starring Brad and Angelina? Whichever comes to your mind first, tonight we want to see one sexy male figure and one alluring female figure.

The Flintstones
Body (BQ Muscular vs. Models, Trans Man, FQ, and Women 5 Trophies) Battle for the Cash $250
The Flintstones and the Rubbles are both preparing for Bedrock’s swimsuit contest at this year’s annual summer festival. Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty have been lifting woolly mammoths all year to get their bodies ready for the competition. Tonight is the opening night, where contestants get to show off their swimsuits, bikinis and thongs. Bring it in an effect that is fitting for the prehistoric times and don’t forget that we want to see body, so we all can say, yaba-dabba-do!!!

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
Realness (8 Trophies) Battle for the Cash $500
Tonight the Latex Casting Committee is looking for eight special individuals to play the characters of one of the funniest sitcoms of our time. It’s up to you to bring to life your respected category and a Banks family member in hopes of being chosen for the role. Remember that realness comes first!

School Boy: Tonight you will represent Nicky, the baby boy of the family. You will portray him as a student at the Bel-Air Charter Academy for the Gifted. Props a must (lunchbox, book bag, etc.).

Pretty Boy: Will was the main character of the show and tonight it is up to you to bring him alive. The committee is asking you to be dressed as a hipster to represent Will’s funky and colorful style.

Thug: We all know that Jazz was always on the come up to be the next big music talent. Tonight you must choose any Hip Hop or R&B music artist from the early 1990s and bring them to life. The committee must recognize who you’re being so a picture is required.

Executive: As the head of the household you must consistently feel you never have time to enjoy your personal time. You are always working and when you do have a little free time to enjoy, one of the children is always ruining it. Tonight representing Phillip, bring it as either a judge or a member of the Bel-Air Golf Club.

Butch: Tonight you will serve as Geoffrey, the family’s butler. You must bring it in full butler attire with props and all!

Transman: “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone.” Yet tonight the unusual is the character that you will represent. You are being cast as Carlton and the committee is looking for the best nerdy effect.

Drags: Sister rivalry at its best! Tonight we want to see either the high-end fashion loving Hilary, or the bangy yet fun and funky Ashley. Remember it is the 1990s, so dress appropriately.

Fem Queen: Tonight you will bring it as Vivian, the woman who keeps it all together and never has enough time to get any sleep. Tonight in sleepwear attire, bring it to the runway and see if your realness will get you cast for one of the most respected mothers on television.

Addams Family
Runway (7 Trophies) Battle for the Cash $700
The Latex Museum of Fashion and Arts is hosting a tribute to the Addams Family. They have invited the top fashion designers, stylists and models to serve as the attendees for the evening. Tonight you have been invited to the gala and the only request is that your effect be wicked, avant-garde and sickening. Your effect doesn’t have to be a total representation of the character. However, we must be able to see the wickedness and the fashion. You also have to look like you’re arriving at the gala in the Addams Family theme. Let the show begin.
All American: As Gomez
Small boys: As Pugsley
Tall Boys: As Lurch
Big Boys: As Uncle Fester
FQ: As Morticia
Drags: As Wednesday
Women: As Grandmama

The Royal Family
Face (5 Trophies) Battle for the Cash $500
The Duke of Edinburgh is celebrating the 61st year of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II by attending the Latex Ball with the members of the Royal Family. We all know that the Royals come done from head to toe with their crowns and jewels. Tonight we want to see you in your crowning glory and royal garb. Tonight your face is the one of a kind Jewel.

Butch Queen: You are the King serve us face with your Royal Crown.

Butch: The Prince is next in line to the throne. Let us know tonight why you are the next in line.

Drags: Your Majesty the Queen, they are celebrating you tonight and the world is watching. Serve with your face tastefully bejeweled. Show us those rare diamonds.

Fem Queen: It’s the Royal Wedding and everyone loves a bride, and everyone loves to watch the Royal Wedding. Tonight bring us the look of the Royal Bride and conceal your face with your veil until you reveal that face to the judges.

Women: “Oh, how we miss our Princess.” Tonight bring the style and grace of the “People’s Princess,” Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Jackson Family
Performance (7 Trophies) Battle for the Cash $1000
The Jacksons are known as the ultimate musical family. It is no secret that Michael and Janet Jackson are the most famous of the family clan. Tonight we want to see looks inspired by Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson. Will you be a SCREAM?!
Butch Queen
Fem Queen
Pop, Dip and Spin
New Way



2014 Latex Ball Award Recipients
The Ross Infiniti Creativity Award – Durell Milan
The Luna Khan Youth Leader Award – Edwin Revlon
The Avis Penda’vis Angel Award – Rayceen Pendavis
The Marcel Christian Historian Award – Elegance Bratton
The Pepper Labeija Image Award – Lee Soulja
The Willie Ninja Supreme Award – Derrick Labeija
The Hector Xtravaganza Xcellence Award – Laverne Cox
The Arbert Evisu Wisdom Award – Tim Princess Lanvin
The Eric Christian Bizarre Leadership Award – Brittney Ebony

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