#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday feat. ANK
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Age:  30

Location: Santiago, Chile


“An ancestral, shapeshifting elven who left the woods to bring […]

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Watch: Maarquii Advocates for Black Femme Queens in “Wirecutters”

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Portlandian femme queen rapper Maarquii is bringing a super important message of acceptance, just by being herself in new video for Wirecutters. In these tricky times, where LGBTQ rights are seemingly being dismantled, choosing to reject ANY heteronormative behavior or looks is the most powerful and political thing one can do. You can stream more of Maarquii’s tracks on Soundcloud, and read the full article at Out.

Maarquii via Out:

“Aesthetically, I’m inspired by pure high faggotry. I live for a look, for drama, for gender fluidity. Everything you see visually will always be an extension of what you are hearing from me. I’m driven by the need for black, femme bodies being represented in music and media. It is extremely important right now for black women/femmes to be loud, seen, and heard at all costs. The feminine is a consciousness, and it is one that I’m highly interested in maintaining a connection to.”


I used to be your dime piece….

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