Watch: Peppermint “Best Sex”
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#TransformationTuesday: QWERRRKOUT feat. Creme Fatale

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Transformation Tuesday just got a whole lot QTer…New queers featured every week! Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK!  (Mx Qwerrrk vid by celebrity photog Santiago Felipe).

Creme Fatale

Age: 26

Location: San Francisco, California


“I actually started my own Transformation Tuesday called Where’s the Transformation, Sis? Tuesday! Based on the misguided belief that women that do drag don’t have as convincing of a transformation as men. I can come up to people I love, worked with in nightlife for years, out of drag and 90% of the time, they will absolutely not recognize me at all! But like, where’s the transformation, Sis?

I started doing drag because it pulled together every single interest I had and gave me the perfect outlet to express myself. I wasn’t very outgoing or outspoken before drag and it gave me that ability to feel confident about being in control. I’m super inspired by 50s and 60s kitsch, 90s club kids like my idol Kabuki Starshine and color in general.

I’m working on a bunch of really cool things at the moment! I recently released new Where’s the Transformation, Sis? merch with Drag Queen Merch! I’ll be in Phoenix, Arizona on July 5th. You can also follow me on Instagram to find out when I’ll be in your town next!”


Instagram: cremefatale

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