#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday feat. Veida Shimmy
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Veida Shimmy

Age: 32

Location: Paris, France


“Interplanetary drag, born naked 2007 in Brazil. Veida is a creature, but […]

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Video Nasties

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Video Nasties are one of most spine tingling new bands to come out of London’s Dark Wave movement, a scene or sound characterised by its dark energy, exploration of the drug ketamine and reflection on a time where the high expectations of the millennium youth were shattered by the realism of CCTV-capitalist life in dystopian London. Like the hallucinatory effects of the drug itself, the music cascades in an ever spiraling and warping melody where the structures and layers bend into one another with flawless transience and melancholy brilliance.

A true anti-hero band with their own distinctive blueprint, a sonic communication of controlled aggression harking back to the days of Punk and Grunge when the term ‘Video Nasty’ was coined by the British media to describe particularly violent and erotic films banned by in protest by the religious right.

With influences ranging from Sonic Youth, Interpol, The Fall and Pulp this five piece band headed by vocalist James Curcher are sure to resonate within the dorms of art colleges across America, the UK and beyond.

Albatross EP out now on Dead Again Records or via iTunes

Buster Bennett- London Correspondent

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