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Bad Brilliance

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image by Josef Kraska

Hometown: NYC, USA

There’s a new face in town, please welcome Bad Brilliance, the walking logo injecting some happy-meal fun back into the New York night scene.

How would you describe your sound?

HOT 97 with trance synths.

How long has Bad Brilliance been around?

Bad Brilliance was first drawn on a napkin two years ago. One year ago my mother helped me with my costume in Virginia. Three quarters of a year ago I attended various socialite events in costume – some with Sophia Lamar (we character date every once in a while).

What are your live shows like?

I have a custom made yellow MacBook programmed to produce the best music possible for dancing. The bass is EQ’d, compressed and delayed to shake some speakers and some round delicious booty of all genders and pigment tones. The trebles are designed to move some high heels to the beat “click click”. I try very hard to see through my costume and the sweat of the night. I usually end with a !BANG! by popping my balloon head at the end.

London Correspondent Buster Bennett

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