NYC DJ/ Transgender Rights Advocate Honey Dijon Releases Bangin’ Debut Album “The Best of Both Worlds”
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NYC-based producer/DJ Honey Dijon is one of the top, genre-non-conforming DJs on the global dance music scene, having provided the soundtrack for countless shows and events, including Louis Vuitton (Kim Jones lives for her!), Narciso Rodriguez, Hermès, Balenciaga and Givenchy. In New York, you can always catch her spinning at a Ladyfag event (whenever she’s in town), and […]

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Poem for Modern Media
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Kidparagon is a video artist who has just joined the ZeitgeistWorld revolution. His work explores a world that has yet to find an equilibrium between youth and maturity, but attempts to discover itself through self-critique and nostalgic awkwardness.

Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood: A Live-Action TV Show!
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Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood: A Live-Action TV Show!


NYC-based performer and underground movie star Reverend Jen is back with a new show, Episode Three of Reverend Jen’s Really Cool Neighborhood.
This time around, Reverend Jen prepares for her birthday party. She is helped by her best friend, Mr. Clean who lives in her closet (Faceboy), a giant talking roach (voiced by Shappy […]

Lee Friedlander “Nudes & Mannequin” Exhibition
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Lee Friedlander “Nudes & Mannequin” Exhibition

Pace/MacGill are honored to inaugurate their representation of the legendary American photographer Lee Friedlander in New York with Nudes and Mannequin.
For more than five decades, Lee Friedlander has captured the American social landscape through his camera lens. Friedlander is known for his dynamic formal compositions and poignant visual juxtapositions of subjects drawn from American vernacular […]

Gareth Pugh Fall/Winter 09 Fash Film
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Gareth Pugh Fall/Winter 09 Fash Film

Check out Gareth Pugh’s Fall/Winter collection short film, created by Nick Knight colleague Ruth Hogben.

Girls and Boys: Calvin Harris and Les Savy Fav + Francis and The Lights + Sean Bones
Fri, 13/03/09 – 0:29 | One Comment
Girls and Boys: Calvin Harris and Les Savy Fav + Francis and The Lights + Sean Bones

Girls and Boys: Calvin Harris

Acceptable in the 80s

Don’t know how these bitches keep turnin out the best parties in NYC, but tonight Girls and Boys is the spot to be in…again! Special DJ set from UK electro-pop star Calvin Harris- he did that song Acceptable in the 80s and remixed Cut Copy’s Hearts […]

The Money Shot
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The Money Shot

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