NYC DJ/ Transgender Rights Advocate Honey Dijon Releases Bangin’ Debut Album “The Best of Both Worlds”
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NYC-based producer/DJ Honey Dijon is one of the top, genre-non-conforming DJs on the global dance music scene, having provided the soundtrack for countless shows and events, including Louis Vuitton (Kim Jones lives for her!), Narciso Rodriguez, Hermès, Balenciaga and Givenchy. In New York, you can always catch her spinning at a Ladyfag event (whenever she’s in town), and […]

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Photog Nick Knight’s new Fashion Film “FANTASIA”
Mon, 19/01/09 – 1:49 | One Comment
Photog Nick Knight’s new Fashion Film “FANTASIA”

Fantasia, by its strictest definition, is a musical term: describing free improvisation and contrast of musical treatments that seldom follow textbook rules. Appropriate then that the same word should be the title of Nick Knight’s latest fashion film: a free-wheeling exploration of joyous, unbridled movement in model and clothing alike. Harness to this the riotous […]

The Party’s Over at Marc Jacobs
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The Party’s Over at Marc Jacobs

If you somehow manage to sneak into Marc Jacobs’ show at the Lexington Avenue Armory next month, don’t expect to be sipping bubbly at his after party. Why? Well, because there isn’t going to be one. The recession just about ransacked the fashion industry these past few months, sending some of our favorite designers home […]

Paul Smith Studies Shakespeare
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Paul Smith Studies Shakespeare

For spring summer 2009, Paul Smith Jeans has interpreted classic Shakesperean characters onto t-shirts.
Yorick (Hamlet) Oberon (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet) all get re-interpreted by Paul Smith Jeans. These illustrated organic cotton t-shirts depict Yorick, Oberon and Mercutio as a free spirited rockstar entertainer, a madman and a modern day ‘boy […]

The First Openly Gay Super Hero
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The First Openly Gay Super Hero

Gay in Gotham
Spider-Man creator Stan Lee is to unveil the world’s first gay superhero.
High school basketball star Thom Creed hides his developing superpowers along with his sexuality.
Former Marvel Comics boss Stan, 86 — who also created the Hulk and the X-Men — will unleash the character in an hour-long TV drama being shot in the […]

Vivienne Westwood thinks she does “Sex and The City” better Than Patricia Field
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Vivienne Westwood thinks she does “Sex and The City” better Than Patricia Field

Dame Vivienne Westwood, the British fashion designer, wants to write the next Sex and the City film.
The 67-year-old has written to the show’s producers to ask them to use her plot for the sequel, it has been reported.
A source told the Independent newspaper: “She’s been obsessed with the film ever since she saw it. She […]

Forever 21 In…Virgin Megastores Out
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Forever 21 In…Virgin Megastores Out

The age of super-sized record shops in Manhattan is fading out: The Virgin Megastore in Times Square is closing and will be replaced by a popular clothing chain.
The massive store on Broadway near 46th Street is expected to close in April. The store’s 200 or so employees were told this week about its demise. That […]