Watch: Sapphira Cristál “Enough”
Thu, 20/06/24 – 18:41 | No Comment

“This music video is a love letter to Philadelphia and the song is a love letter to appreciating yourself!I’m so happy to finally be sharing this summer bop with y’all and stay tuned for The Cristál Ball EP coming soon!”- Sapphira Cristál

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Kid Cudi Gives a Voice to the Stoner Generation
Sunday, 22 Feb, 2009 – 3:34 | Comments Off on Kid Cudi Gives a Voice to the Stoner Generation
Kid Cudi Gives a Voice to the Stoner Generation

The new Day n Nite video!!!

Florence and The Machine
Monday, 16 Feb, 2009 – 21:06 | One Comment
Florence and The Machine

Florence And The Machine – Dog Days

A quirky singer-songwriter in the grand tradition of Kate Bush, Bjork or PJ Harvey, Florence Welch makes music that is familiar, joyful and accessible while still uncompromising, fresh and eccentric.
Accompanied by a harp and scary clowns on stage, her live shows have earned her a sizeable following over the […]

Thursday, 12 Feb, 2009 – 0:44 | Comments Off on Esser

Esser – Work It Out – Out 23rd Feb

Hometown: LDN, UK
Esser , 24, from Chelmsford UK, residing in London, is (unashamedly) representing pop. He’s part of a new wave of pop-tarts springing up that include the likes of V.V. Brown and The Cocknbullkid, freakishly talented musicians and writers that are inspiring, if not pide-pipering […]

Drums of Death…It doesn’t sound How it Looks!
Wednesday, 4 Feb, 2009 – 1:50 | Comments Off on Drums of Death…It doesn’t sound How it Looks!
Drums of Death…It doesn’t sound How it Looks!

Hometown: LDN, UK
Described as zombie opera and the new punk rock, Drums of Death (aka Colin Bailey) produces the freakiest sound emanating from London’s underground dark wave scene. If Marilyn Manson was to dabble in bass and synth it would sound something like this, marching beats, calls to arms and a message of revolt for […]

London Swings with V.V. Brown
Friday, 23 Jan, 2009 – 4:20 | Comments Off on London Swings with V.V. Brown
London Swings with V.V. Brown

Hometown: London, UK.
Vanessa Brown, aged 24 is one of those Londonites of ‘now’, you know the type, those really annoyingly talented ones that can’t stick to one forte, (they insist on making us all look lazy) call it ADD or talent, she’s already renowned for her singer/songwriter/performer/multi-instrumentalist/producer-shizzle, and with more /’s than a Halloween movie […]

Bad Brilliance
Thursday, 15 Jan, 2009 – 3:40 | Comments Off on Bad Brilliance
Bad Brilliance

image by Josef Kraska
Hometown: NYC, USA
There’s a new face in town, please welcome Bad Brilliance, the walking logo injecting some happy-meal fun back into the New York night scene.
How would you describe your sound?

HOT 97 with trance synths.
How long has Bad Brilliance been around?
Bad Brilliance was first drawn on a napkin two years ago. One […]