Watch: Salina EsTitties “PAPÍ”
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Salina EsTitties’ newest video PAPI is here just in time for PRIDE season! There’s a special plot twist at the end that reminds us all that no matter how MASC or BRO presenting you may be, there’s always a little queen inside each and every one of us. Hehe. Hope you feel your PAPI fantasy […]

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Rapper “Hazel-E” is a Dirty Valley Girl

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Hazel-E is the the latest, buzzed about West Coast PR girl turned female MC that’s blowin-up clubs everywhere. With lyrics about designer shoes ‘you can’t have’, knifing bitches, and kissing white girls and liking it, Hazel-E is clearly a well-rounded lady. Get into her now!

Q&A: So when did you start doing music?
H-E :17

Q&A: Who did you grow up listening too?
H-E: TLC, Cindy Lauper, Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Salt N Pepa

Q&A: But who were your true influences?
H-E: Fergie, Madonna, Gwen Stephani, NERD, Beyonce, Rihanna, Gnarls Barkley

Q&A: How would you describe your style of music?
H-E: I’m creating a new genre called Pop-Fun! Get it, it’s poppy and fun-loving music.

Q&A: How did you break into the industry?
H-E: I started out as an actress then went behind the scenes and started doing publicity for musicians to really learn the game.

Q&A: Who have you worked with in the industry?
H-E: Twista, Idris Elba, Tank, Trey Songz, Melody Thornton, Slim Thugga, Terry Kennedy, Teck $, Kevontay Jackson from 3rd Storee, Ne-Yo, Juelz Santana, Bobby Valentino, Meagan Good, Melyssa Ford, Tocarra, Jill Marie Jones. The list goes on and on but should I continue to pop collars?

Q&A: So you did the acting thing, then the PR thing, now you want to be a singer?Are you sure?
H-E: First of all, I don’t sing, I rap…LOL dumb-dumb. I love music, I like entertaining, and I love Hip Hop and all that it encompasses…plus I think I go flow…LOL. I’m a complete entertainer. Me and Diddy need to go ahead and take this thing all the way over.

Q&A: Okay, we got all of that, now tell us why should people listen to you?
H-E: My music is fun! Nothing about it is too depressing or too serious…it’s about loving the life you live and being fly while doing it…it also sheds light on the Hollywood life that everyones wants to know about or be about! Whether you are in butt- fuck Idaho or high in the Hollywood Hills you will be able to relate to Hazel-E in one way or another…oh yea, and I don’t hold my tongue for nobody!

Q&A: Who are you as an artist?
H-E: Diva first, hotty second, retro and trendy from city-to-city. I love pop culture and duh I’m a valley girl…and whatever stereo types that you think of when you hear that, yea I’m all of it! Clueless is my fav Movie, I’m the Deon of 2009!

Q&A: Where do you fit in the music industry?
H-E: Where? It’s wide-freaking open but I’m sliding right in the jet, setting seats between Fergie and Gym Class Heroes, mixed with that fabulosity of Rihanna, ya dig?

Q&A: What are 3 things that you want the public to know about you?
H-E: Clearly and positively I’m a “gimmick”, industry made…hahahaha, I party like a fucking rockstar and I’m a material girl who got mad flow and talks a lot of shit! So there, I said…rock with me or sink, LOL.

Q&A: What is the most important element about yourself?
H-E: How honest I am and how true I am to what I speak about! Also I think that everyone will be able to relate to me, and if they can’t and think I’m a pretentious, stuck up bitch, fuck em!

Q&A: What do you think is the most positive and the most negative element about your music?
H-E: On the positive side, it’s upbeat party music, kinda reminiscent of the late 80’s, early 90’s people, loving anything throw back…On the negative side, I talk a lot of shit and speak about drugs and the party life annnnnnnnd it might not be so cool for kids under the legal age for whatever country they live in.

Q&A: What makes you think that your music will move people?
H-E: Shit I moved people before I did music, so I just needed to come out with a hot product that people would like, and since I studied the game I took a “survey” of what’s hot and what’s not, and my music is fuckin smoking!

Q&A: Where are you from?
H-E: All Over! I’m a “military brat” from all over America. The World’s my playground, I just play. If I had to claim a place, I’d say I was made in Houston but I’m from LA!

Q&A: Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the industry?
H-E: Working on my 3rd album, owning my own label, having my own clothing and shoe line and living somewhere on the coast of France enjoying all of my hard-earned money! Watch what ya girl duey!

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  • eastkoast77 says:

    i think she is hella hard, she’s one of the few female emcee’s to really go an grab what she wants..i like a go getta….plus she’s very intelligent and a kind soul…you have 2 love her….she’s a valley girl… to you sis…peace