Stream – Rosé Releases Debut Single “The Devil in The Details”
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The Broadway baby of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13, Rosé, is planning on having a footloose and fancy-free summer with new track “The Devil in The Details.”

The song, with its ’80s glam throwback vibe, is about breaking free of being hyper-focused on perfection. “So often, people get caught up in getting everything right on every last detail,” says Rosé. […]

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Watch: Cazwell Likes His Chulo “Spicy” feat. Cherie Lily

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cazwell spicy

Cazwell admits that he has a HUGE thang for a big juicy Latin a$$ (lol…DUH). His latest video for single ¡Spicy!, inspired by his last bf, shows off lots of homo humps, ready for pumpin and pillaging. This is the second time Caz has collaborated with 19 y/o artist/director Bob Bottle, who also conceptualized the sex fest Downtown video. “The visuals were all composed as still photo collages and then set into motion around the video footage, a method which prior to this video I had only used for 15 second animations on Instagram,” says Bottle.

“When I was planning out this video with Bob, we wrote down a list of the things that had been inspiring us artistically lately”, says Cazwell. “A lot of it came from Mexican culture, Christianity and the show, Ancient Aliens. We decided to try to find a way to combine all three and make it work for the video. It was very organic.”



¡Spicy! is the ninth single to be released from Cazwell’s Hard 2 B Fresh album. Get it now on iTunes!

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