Watch: Salina EsTitties “PAPÍ”
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Salina EsTitties’ newest video PAPI is here just in time for PRIDE season! There’s a special plot twist at the end that reminds us all that no matter how MASC or BRO presenting you may be, there’s always a little queen inside each and every one of us. Hehe. Hope you feel your PAPI fantasy […]

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“NYC Kids” Reality Show

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NYC KIDS follows the lives of seven New York- based queer boys and girls, living, surviving and searching for fame in the Big Apple (Think The Hills vs Vanderpump Rules, but for gay peeps). Gone are the days where graduating with a degree, or having a pretty face guarantees one success…or even being able to pay the rent. These outsiders are looking for a way in, as performers, musicians, actors, artists, and photogs…and at night they know how to let the crazy out at The Flash Factory nightclub! Watch what happens as they work it out with demanding club owners, annoyingly drunken guests, egos, jealousies and love triangles…all while trying to keep a beat of integrity!


Mateus Porto (aka Oron Pejic)

mateus porto

A student of photography at Parsons School of Design. He has recently changed his name to Oron Pejic, after being blocked on Facebook for posting several, completely nude pics. He felt it was OUTRAGEOUS, and a stab at his rights to post his photos/art how he sees fit. He considers himself “gender fluid”. Has a bit of a temper.


Sateen and Exquisite


Pretty much your average married couple, except for that they’re also a well-known drag show duo. And they make sweet electronic music together. The New York-based producer and vocalist are busy recording a new album, planning music video shoots, and hosting the city’s hottest party, Frankie’s at The Jane Hotel.


Merrie Cherry

merrie cherry

She’s the queen of Brooklyn (at the moment)…and pretty much smack dab in the middle of the ongoing feud between Manhattan queens and bridge and tunnel queens. She’s the founder of drag performance art space and party Bushwig, the monthly drag competition Dragnet, and the monthly Pit Stain party at This n’ That in Williamsburg.


Martin Gregory Jerez

Martin Gregory Jerez

Manager at Wilhelmina Models by day… NYC’s sexiest new DJ by night. His “talent” and varied tastes have helped him rise to the top of the promoting, DJing, hip-hop and fashion worlds. His signature style is part of everything he touches and has deep roots in punk, electro, dance, house, hip-hop, reggae and rock.


Paul Alexander

paul alexander

Ex-best friend of designer Marc Jacobs. He’s currently (sometimes) a member of electro/house music group The Ones…but lately, you can catch him at EVERY party in town. If you wanna know the tea in the scene, he has all the deets. If Paul doesn’t know it, it doesn’t exist!




The newest “it” girl/boy on the scene! She’s the most in-demand hostess in NYC, with residencies at Ladyfag’s 11:11, and Battle Hymn at Flash Factory. Sussi was created as a vehicle to take complete control of who she wanted to be. “When I put on makeup, I don’t want to look like someone else”, says Sussi. “I just want to look more like myself… hence the big red lips *smooch* and a gap tooth…just because that’s how I wish I looked.”



I Meet The Cast

– Sateen and Exquisite are working on new music at their studio in Brooklyn. They are preparing for a new performance where for the first time they will perform original music live. The new scenario will later prove challenging.

– Sussi is a party girl. She surrounds herself with the fashionable New York scene. We meet up with her at the offices of pop culture magazine Paper, where she’s in the make up chair, about to be photographed and interviewed about being the face of the new nightlife scene in NYC, and her first ad campaign booking for Marc Jacobs. She’ll be meeting up with her friends to celebrate at Battle Hymn tonight.

– Merrie Cherry is the political/alternative drag queen type. We find her at her monthy party Dragnet. She’s backstage at the club, preparing the performers and contestants, just before doors open. While talking to camera, she’s constantly distracted by the mayhem around her and keeps stopping to micromanage everything and everyone. She suffers from bouts of depression and is self-diagnosed ADD.

-Martin Gregory Jerez is the laid-back, cool loner. We follow him walking down the street, on his way to Sussi’s celebration party at Battle Hymn. He gives us some insights into what the night will be like, what Sussi is like, and how he doesn’t understand why she’s so popular. He was a former model, and now basically works the front desk at an agency. But he thinks he knows what’s cool…and Sussi isn’t it. Usually, he stays away from all the club politics, artifice and drama…in a passive aggressive way.

-Oron Pejic is at his apartment, fiddling with his camera. Sussi asked him if he could take pics at her party. Oron’s excited and nervous. If he does well tonight, he could possibly get a paying gig at the club as the weekly photographer for Battle Hymn. This is the break he’s been waiting for…and it would be his first paid gig as a photog.


Production Description
Casting “NYC Kids,” a queer reality television series. Casting states: “If you are currently struggling to make it or struggled to make it and are now established, and fall into the categories of model, actor, musician, comedian, dancer, or performer, we want to hear from you. We are looking to document queer entertainers on a weekly basis, which we will do over the course of two months. We really want aspiring and established actors, performers, musicians, producers and personalities who have great stories, but we are willing to review entertainers in general, if your story is compelling. We will be gathering footage and testimonials of as many New York City-based entertainers, their process, their struggles, and their accomplishments/failures. We are looking for all talent who fall under the category of NYC entertainers, from those who are just breaking in (even if you have not done much but want to, to those who are trained and those who are currently working. You will be interviewed and we will decide if we will proceed with you being part of the reality series. Depending on the outcome, we may choose to keep tabs on your progress, development, and career over one year.

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