Watch: Sapphira Cristál – O mio babbino caro
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NYC’s Ricky Rebel Likes “Boys & Sometimes Girls”, Watch!!!

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NYC-based glam rock/pop sensation Rick Rebel embraces his gender and sex fluidness in new video Boys & Sometimes Girls. The androgynous super fan of Prince, Elvis and Michael Jackson aims to debunk the myth that bisexuality is just a few confused peeps.”A lot of people refuse to believe that bisexuality is a real thing,” says Rebel. “They think we are ashamed of being gay so we make up this lie that we like girls too.  It’s not true. Some of the best relationships I have had have been with women and I want everyone to know it.” Watch this queen twirl, do the splits, and work a stripper poll, all whilst keeping that beat mug snatched! Boys and Sometimes Girls is available on iTunes now!

Ricky Rebel:

“If you believe in something, you have to shout it out loud to the world and make sure you are heard. I think most people in the world are bisexual.  Religion and society keep many of us from being sexually explorative and honest. A lot of people still hide in the closet. It takes courage to be open about what you like in the bedroom. I believe people should not be afraid to express their sexuality because sex is fun and it shouldn’t be something that we’re ashamed of.”

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