#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: Christeene’s “Lo Paid Runway Model” Reflects a Time When The Concept of Love was Visceral, Even in Its Fraudulency
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New York’s feral icon of the underground, Christeene, has shared another taste of her upcoming new album Midnite Fukk Train (Out 11/11) with the new single Lo Paid Runway Model. As if plucked off the airwaves of a 70s-era, AM radio station broadcasting in hell, the song shows a softer side of the artist, as she conducts her affectionately named, […]

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: Till da World Ends, a Tiny Face By “Blake”

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Age: 30

Location: Venice, California


“I’ve been a big ole drag queen (she’s really tall) for 7 years, performing all over the Los Angeles area. I am originally from a small town in Indiana…so yes, I do love a country number! But as far as drag goes, I was birthed and crowned in the gay mecca that is West Hollywood and never looked back. Drag has given me the opportunity to love and accept parts of myself that I never thought I could. I’ve always been obsessed with music videos, award shows, and red carpets. Being able to create my own space to make art and express my style is very fun, but it also helps me get out of my own skin and find acceptance and love within myself. I believe drag can be whatever it is you want it to be. Drag is about YOUR fantasy and no one else’s, and that’s why I love it. Pretending I’m a young, dainty, snatched fashion model is my gig…so, clearly, delusion is my skill!”

Instagram: facesbyblake

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