Watch: Sapphira Cristál – O mio babbino caro
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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “Intergalactic-Gender-Fluid, Bisexual-Chameleon-Space Cowbae” COCO KLEIN

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Coco Klein

Age: 26

Location: Vancouver, Canada


“Well howdy, y’all! My name is Coco Klein and I’m the intergalactic-gender-fluid, bisexual-chameleon-space cowbae from your wildest, trippiest dreams! I was sent to Earth to spread the message of radical expression & equality by exuding endless fabulous energy and dazzling spectators all around the planet. I am an entertainer first and foremost, with a background in dance of every kind, as well as acting. However, I am also a look
 and a comedy queen and offer a fresh take on the art of drag and performance. My drag is so uniquely Coco…and although I am constantly evolving, leveling up, and re-inventing myself, I always stay true to my psychedelic, gender-bending, gap-toothed, ethereal, bad-bitch brand.

After spending years performing in bars and clubs, I stumbled into the radiant music and arts festival scene on the west coast and have had the honour to bring my drag to the stages of some of the top festivals in the world! I was regaining momentum in the local scene when Covid hit and shut everything down. Now I have been busting my ass to create the highest quality of virtual drag that anyone has seen. Check out my ICONIC performance of RuPaul’s “Call Me Mother” below! I can not wait to keep releasing these projects and showcasing my art
to the world. Make sure to follow my Instagram because baby, I’m just getting started.

I am serious about my career and all of the avenues of art that I see myself exploring through the entertainment industry, but I don’t take myself too seriously and I love to have fun and play! I’m basically still the same kid who plays dress-up and lip-syncs to Spice Girls while living out a Sailor Moon transformation sequence fantasy. I am always the life of the party and love to live my best life without alcohol. Performing in drag is what I want to do as a career for a long time to come and can’t wait to be able to travel and do shows every night, once again!”

Instagram: coco_klein

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