Watch: Monét X Change “BODY”
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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: Jerry Paper Celebrates Nonbinary Self w/ “Kno Me” Vid & Single

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Every morning Lucas Nathan wakes up, slips into a flowy dress, and heads to the studio for a day of absolute jamming as their freaky weirdo musical persona: Jerry Paper. The one rule? NO SELF DOUBT! What came of that creative process is the synth-pop, weird-rock, bizarro-muzak masterpiece- the Free Time album (4/15), is an expression of freedom on their journey to self-discovery as a nonbinary artist, groover, and, most importantly, shaker of ass. When Jerry Paper asks you to hit *PLAY* on Free Time, they mean it in the most literal sense of the word…they want you to PLAY around and have some friggin’ fun for once! Check out the first single/vid Kno Me below, or stream it on all digital platforms! (above image by Sandy Honig, all screengrabs via the video)

Lucas Nathan:

“I wrote ‘Kno Me’ while reflecting on what it means to know yourself, and how that comes up against being misunderstood by the world. I have felt so much desire to be known and understood by people I’m close to (and, foolishly, strangers!) that I have wasted plenty of time losing sight of myself in the process. Coming out as nonbinary was a huge way for me to know myself deeply, and paradoxically something about sharing that with the world made me care less about how people see me. I have a much more comprehensive understanding of myself and nothing can take that away from me. The imagery in the song comes from the first day I decided to wear a dress outside while running errands. I kept repeating “fuck you, you don’t know me” in my head whenever I saw anybody as a way to center myself. Soon I realized most people didn’t care at all or weren’t paying attention to me so it made me laugh and also feel really good and free!”

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