DragOnStage: Lady Bunny “A Very Blue Christmas” in NYC!!!
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It just isn’t Christmas until you’ve heard Lady Bunny put a raunchy, politically-incorrect spin on your favorite Christmas carol…rejoice! The drag icon returns to Times Square with the World Premiere of Lady Bunny: A Very Blue Christmas.

Everyone’s favorite holiday ham, Lady Bunny gives her trademark potty-mouthed parody treatment to over 30 Christmas classics that […]

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: HBO Max’s “Legendary” Voguing Femme, Twilight Escada (House of Escada)

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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week!

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Twilight Escada

Age: ?

Location: New York, New York


“I come from humble beginnings in New Hampshire. I was one of the only out gay people and a target for most. Being the only boy in an all-girl dance group, I always knew I didn’t quite fit in…but that did not stop me. One day I saw Vogue Evolution on America’s Best Dance Crew and something just clicked. It was like a calling to me ’cause since then, I haven’t been able to stop voguing! I spent years studying the clips I could find on YouTube, going back all the way to the 90s, learning my history. I researched all I could on Ballroom and then started venturing out to Boston where I attended my first ball.

I soon moved to Boston with friends which is where I joined the House of Escada. That’s when everything changed for me. Not only did I find my house but I found my chosen family.

We all lived together like the old days of Ballroom, the Mother (London Escada) and her kids. We’d stay up all night long practicing, kikiing, and getting ready to storm the balls. I soon became a star in the Boston scene, winning many grand prize trophies and making a name for myself. I started assisting London in teaching vogue classes around the city and traveling the country to compete in balls.

“We were scouted by HBO Max Legendary to join the cast of season 1.”

After the show, I moved to NYC to really immerse myself in the culture where it all began. Since then, I have continued to walk and make my name known. Being the only Vogue Femme of Escada in this big city has been tough at times but as we say, “To be an Escada you have to be able to bear the weight of the crown”.

I am co-host for Hold That Pose For Me, the first ballroom show on Snapchat.

I also competed in The Kiki Show, Season 2, on Amazon Prime against voguers from all over the country…similar to Legendary but this time competing by myself (in the Kiki Scene as a Mulan) and I managed to win the whole thing!

Life has been great! I am perfecting my craft in a new city and eventually want to tour the world doing what I love to do most, dance.

If it weren’t for the Legends and Icons that came before me that made all this possible, I would still be lost and not living my dreams. I owe it all to them…my chosen family and the endless opportunities. I truly find myself in this art form and will forever pay homage to the ones before me. Ballroom saved me!”

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