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Mila Jam Drops Powerful Track “Say Your Name”, Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, feat. Jackie Cox, Boomer Banks & Pixie Aventura

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Mila Jam, the transgender pop star, is celebrating Trans Day of Visibility with the release of a powerful new anthem, Say Your Name, that aims to empower the transgender and drag community to fight back against the growing discrimination they face. The song speaks to the heart of the issue and highlights the resilience and strength of the community, encouraging people to be proud of who they are and not be silenced by bigotry. The video below (dir. Catriona-Rubenis Stevens) depicts beautiful and resilient members of the LGBTQ+ family finding strength within the community. There is the drag queen whose story time was canceled, the trans lover mourning the loss of their partner, and the queer person being accosted in a bar. Jackie CoxBoomer Banks, and Pixie Aventura guest star.

Mila Jam:

“There will always be adversity for those in any minority group, but we, as a community, can find ways to stand together. We must no longer hide in the shadows. We have to be bold and proclaim to all that we are here, we belong, we are enough, and we cannot be erased.”

Mila Jam’s Say Your Name is available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

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