Watch: Morgan McMichaels “Urdumb Urdumb” Padam Padam Parody
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“Urdumb Urdumb is a parody of Kylie Minogue’s Padam Padam, calling out the ignorant rhetoric of the right wing targeting the LGBTQ+ community. Drag queens and trans women in this world were the vanguards of the gay rights movement at Stonewall and have been spearheading the fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community ever […]

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “Bombshell & Face in the Berlin Drag Scene”-SYMBA

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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week!

Tag us, take a pic of us and follow us on Instagram at QWERRRKOUT, and you too could be the next, featured QT! YOU BETTA QWERRRK! Oh…and don’t forget to check out Mx Qwerrrk’s super snout chaser’s Spotify Playlist, “VOGUING MAX” below, and get your “Notorious P.I.G.” merch HERE!!! (Symba’s pics via Instagram)


Age: ?

Location: Berlin, Germany


“Hello, drag addicts! This is SYMBA…bombshell and face in the Berlin drag scene!

I started Drag only a year and a half ago…I am very new in the scene.

My idea for SYMBA is a life-sized doll, beat face, lifted, pulled, padded, and cinched, ready to turn the party.

Being around SYMBA is always a fun time (so I’ve been told).

My proudest moment would have to be performing in Melbourne and Sydney Australia last year which was a great experience to dive into the drag scene and get international connections.

Here in Berlin. I am co-hosting my own show called Duct Tape with my sisters Deeon, EMI, and Magda von Pfeffer. We formed a collective less than a year ago. hosting a monthly drag show here in Berlin. Whenever you are in Berlin, come check it out…it never disappoints.

Last year, at Christmas, we had the premiere of our Christmas musical Holy Glory, which was a huge success and will have its comeback in this year’s Christmas season.

Very, very recently we also started a talk show in collaboration with Ebay Germany, and only last week the premiere episode aired. Go check out the eBay YouTube Channel and tune in every week!

Very quickly drag became my main thing in life and I am super proud of my accomplishments and even more excited about what me and my girls will bring to life in the future. We got some big visions and can not wait to bring them to life.”


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