Watch Laganja Estranja Taste Da Base on a “Daily Basis” 
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image by Troy Hallahan

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “My Biggest Goal is to Incorporate More Marine Conservation into My Drag”- U.F.O.

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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week!

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Age: 26

Location: San Diego, California


“I’m the uncanny, cryptid, deity of San Diego, California.

I draw a plethora of inspiration from character design, science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Being a traditional and digital artist, I’ve learned that, throughout my year and a half of doing drag, my drag aesthetic is my artwork personified. A transcendent blend of beauty, otherwordly, and the unknown.

I create everything myself…from the garments to hair, to headpieces, to nails, all the way to my photo editing.

It’s all been trial and error; however, I’ve learned so much and accomplished more than I could’ve imagined in such a short amount of time.

My biggest goal is to incorporate more marine conservation into my drag as a way to invoke positive and constructive change (as well as a way to turn trash into something extraordinary) for our marine ecosystems and inspire others to do as well. I adore the ocean, the beach, and all animals and plants that inhabit it. I’m an avid swimmer/diver/outdoorswoman and it’s incredibly important to me that we as a race preserve the natural beauty of the planet we’ve been blessed with.

Drag is such a diverse form of artistic expression and I just want to continue to blossom as much as possible within our community and far far beyond.”

Instagram: unidentified.fem.object

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