Watch Laganja Estranja Taste Da Base on a “Daily Basis” 
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image by Troy Hallahan

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Ladyfag’s Family Function in NYC

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The first time I wore a singlet in public, I had this kinda duel feeling of freedom and restriction. Being butt naked and encased like a bratwurst at the same time should only be attempted by the truly masochistic. Ladyfag is definitely one of anointed ones who can pull off the ultimate snatch and separate without contracting some serious skin burns. The export from Toronto has become one of NYC’s top party girls, doing dips at the discos and pulling reimagined looks that even Rudi Gernreich would have gagged over. Hanging out at her new weekly party Family Function this weekend in NYC must be what a luminous ball of Absinthe Bomb energy, hurling through space feels like, just before stellification. And it’s the celestial Lady herself who keeps a tight gravitational pull on her cluster of loyal, twinkly followers. “We keep it all very East Village here. It’s a no bullshit party…everybody’s welcome!”, says the surprisingly lucid host at around 2am, just before she started twirling towards the Lite Brite dance floor to a genius sample of the Sugarhill Gang’s Jump On It, laid down by resident DJ Michael Magnan. And everybody was there, from the massive amounts of stylists, draped in Balenciaga sample sale pieces, to an overly enthusiastic hairstylist from Bumble and bumble who chatted me up about the importance of referencing 90’s house music and how he lived through and for it. Just when it was my turn to clue him in on the fact that I was not a die-hard fan of the four-on-the- floor beat (even though being Black and from Detroit does qualify me), he dumped me for a shirtless buff boy from Barcelona wearing drop crotch capris and a mini spear through his left nipple. Guess that’s what ‘keeping it East Village’ means. (via World of Wonder; photos by Jason Rodgers)

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