Snout Chasers Descend on RuPaul’s DragCon 2022 for First “Where’s MX Qwerrrk???” IRL Wild Gameplay (pics)
Fri, 27/05/22 – 21:58 | No Comment

After a two-year absence, due to the “pon de replay“, RuPaul’s DragCon returned with tons of glitter queens, glam fans, cool kids…and thee iconic swinepiece herself, Mx Qwerrrk.

For the first time evaaah, fans participated in the Where’s Mx Qwerrrk??? IRL game, with a chance to step their piggy up, and win a sickening RPDR/WOW merch pack, VIP event tickets, and more! Check […]

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Editor’s Picks!!!…06.27-06.29
Thursday, 26 Jun, 2008 – 2:32 | Comments Off on Editor’s Picks!!!…06.27-06.29
Editor’s Picks!!!…06.27-06.29

Friday 06.27

Down and Derby

Are you ready to rumble??? Then get over to Down and Derby tonight for kick-ass skating. Boys in knee-high tube socks, neon tanks, and Richard Simmons inspired headbands….girls in metallic hot pants, belly tops, and rhinestone studded skate keys. It’s all so wrong and super retro right! Djs Anthony Batista, Nugget, and […]

Editor’s Picks!!!…06.21-06.22
Thursday, 19 Jun, 2008 – 3:36 | Comments Off on Editor’s Picks!!!…06.21-06.22
Editor’s Picks!!!…06.21-06.22

Saturday 06.21
Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Come pay homage to Coney Island’s forgotten Mardi Gras of the early 1900s with King Neptune “Reverend Bill” and Queen Mermaid “Savitri D”. The Mermaid Parade celebrates the sand, the sea, the salt air, and BIG TITS!!! Striptease afterparty with burlesque performers Little Brooklyn and Creamey Stevens…They’re not strippers…they’re artists!!!
Coney Island […]

Editor’s Picks!!! 06.13-06.15
Thursday, 12 Jun, 2008 – 2:31 | Comments Off on Editor’s Picks!!! 06.13-06.15
Editor’s Picks!!! 06.13-06.15

Friday 06.13
Arias With A Twist

Two national treasures unleash their epic imaginations to conjure a modern and intimate fantasy show. Basil Twist’s signature magic puppetry envelopes Joey Arias’s legendary Billy Holiday channeling, transporting us to unpredictable worlds. It’s ecstatic desires, lavish nightmares and bizarre premonitions in a bejeweled cabinet of curiosities that could only be […]

Editor’s Picks…06.06-06.08
Thursday, 5 Jun, 2008 – 5:25 | Comments Off on Editor’s Picks…06.06-06.08
Editor’s Picks…06.06-06.08

Friday 06.06
M.I.A. featuring DJ Low-B + Holy Fuck

The UK dancehall-electro MC brings her girl galang to NYC. Often compared to her “BFF” Santi White aka Santogold, Sri Lankan Mathangi Arulpragasam brings street beats with social consciousness. Tonight she’s hooked up with DJ Low-B and Holy Fuck…hopefully that’s enough to help us forget her marginal second […]

Editor’s Picks!!! 05.30-06.01
Thursday, 29 May, 2008 – 4:20 | Comments Off on Editor’s Picks!!! 05.30-06.01
Editor’s Picks!!! 05.30-06.01

Friday 05.30

Moondust (Left) and Amanda Lepore (center)
The freaks come out at night at this weekly gawker fest. Get a glimpse of Amanda Lepore’s inflated assets, compare make up tips with Michael T, and merge molecularly with Miranda Moondust…plus, NYC legends Paul Alexander and Astro Earl.
Lotus, 409 W 14th St bet Ninth and Tenth Aves, 212-243-4420, […]

Editor’s Picks!!! 05.22-05.25
Tuesday, 20 May, 2008 – 1:44 | Comments Off on Editor’s Picks!!! 05.22-05.25
Editor’s Picks!!! 05.22-05.25

Thursday 05.22

The Voice ( After Mercedes McCambridge)
The Creative Time project presents a series of events and lectures expressing the infinite shades of the voice. Tonight’s homage to Mercedes McCambride- the dubbed-in voice of the demonically possessed character in 70’s horror flick The Exorcist– showcases works from UK experimental artist No Bra, performing tracks from current […]