#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “The Workaholic, Dancing Powerhouse of the UK!”- Paige Three
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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week!

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Paige Three

Age: 26

Location: London, […]

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House of Latex “A Night at the Latex Museum” Ball, Saturday, August 20! w/ Jack Mizrahi, Selvin Khan & Dashaun Evisu!!!

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The House of Latex Project presents “A Night at the Latex Museum,” where the combination of creativity, life and art history will be merging to stimulate our community to strive for the highest level of quality, and celebrate its many achievements over time. The “Latex Ball” has provided a platform for the last 21 years to help bridge the gap between safer sex messages and the celebration of life. The categories at the ball have always celebrated ballroom history, the non-traditional, and embraced artistic heritages from distinct world cultures. The Latex Ball 2011 is dedicated in loving memory to  Arbert (Latex- Evisu) Santana, a founding member of the House of Latex, and a dynamic, innovative, and loving leader in our community. He will forever be in our hearts.


The Fashion Institute

This section of the museum showcases different exhibitions in fashion, and its influence fashion has had across the globe. The Institute’s mission is to highlight great innovations and showcase the intense creativity born through fashion.

BQ European Runway
3 Trophies/ $200Sponsored by Imperial Court of New York
Tall vs. Small vs. Big

Fashion has always looked towards the future and distant galaxies for inspiration. We find the unknown interesting and the bizarre fascinating. A team of extremely highly skilled scientific explorers has recently discovered a new world in a distant galaxy found a new world in a galaxy millions of miles away from our Mother Earth. They have found new forms of life that live in a society where fashion is highly prized and celebrated. One of these aliens’ beings has agreed to visit Mother Earth and enlighten us with his fashion sensibility. Tonight it is our greatest honor and privilege to present a showcase that is beyond our wildest dreams and will challenge how we understand the world. Something so outrageous, it’ll make our lives seem small. Make us all GAG!

BQ All American Runway
1 Trophy/ $50 Sponsored by AdamIrby.com

Take a look back at the history of armor and envision the future of combat. As technology advances, mankind creates more clever and powerful ways to engage in warfare. This has forced man to create new and innovative ways to protect the body during battle. Tonight, showcase you’re suit of combat for the future’s war zone. God Bless America!

Female Figure Runway
3 Trophies/ $150 Sponsored by Imperial Court of New York
Drags vs. Fem Queens vs. Women

For Centuries, Empresses and Queens have been regarded and celebrated as the most stylish and extravagant figures in history. Tonight at the Latex Museum, we are showcasing Queens of Fashion- from Cleopatra to Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth to Queen Lili’uokalani. The final piece will be a showcase of you. You are not to bring one of the past Queens to life, but rather create a look that will represent you as a modern day Queen. Be Outrageous- and remember no Queen is complete without her crown!!!

Open To All Best Dressed
2 Trophies
Male Figures vs. Female Figures

The Latex Museum is more than honored to have you as a presenter of our finest collections of Avant-Garde accessories. From futuristic to opulent to absolutely bizarre, we want to celebrate High Fashion at its best. Donning the finest apparel, you must showcase the most outrageous accessories ever seen. This is a High Fashion Category, Not a Label Category.

Open To All Labels
2 Trophies
Male Figures vs. Female Figures

Le Gala Haute Couture is the Latex Museum’s world famous gala where only the rich, the famous, and the most fashionable people on earth can attend. Tonight you are our A- List guest to grace our red carpet. You know what we want to see…enough said.

Open To All Bizarre
1 Trophy/ $250Sponsored by Imperial Court of New York

When one looks at the world’s cultures, it is impossible not to be inspired by their fashions. You have no choice to be inspired by their ways of fashion. Throughout history, fashion icons have taken inspiration from other countries and made it their own. Some have even managed to create masterpieces based on that inspiration. Tonight we want you to pick a culture and study their fashion, and translate it into a spectacle for us! Remember this is still a fashion category, but it’s also a bizarre category. Innovation is the ultimate key.

The Cultural Society

The Latex Museum finally added a Cultural Society Wing for the study of Realness and its early beginnings. The Cultural Society highlights the great richness and the depths of different cultures and looks at traditions that are known and respected around the world. To us, it’s simply Point Blank Realness.

Male Figure Realness
4 Trophies

The Cultural Society’s first exhibit is about the memorable look of our brave and greatest. Tonight we salute the different uniforms of the All American soldiers. No Soldier is complete without his Flag.

Executive- Lieutenant Officer
Thug- Army Soldier
Pretty Boy- Naval Sailor
School Boy- American Cadet

Drags Realness
1 Trophy

A look back at the Mother continent and the cultural richness it imbues. Tonight, showcase your realness as an African mother nurturing her young. You must be in traditional African garb.

Fem Queen Realness
1 Trophy $100 Sponsored by Jahaira Balenciaga

The Japanese culture has always been world-renowned for having a deep, rich, and beautiful heritage. Tonight, showcase the extraordinary beauty it offers by highlighting the Geisha and wearing the traditional Kimono. You don’t need the Geisha paint. Just remember you are still selling Realness.

Team Realness
Butch and Trans Man Realness
2 Trophies

Egyptian Pharaohs were considered to be both divine deities as well as mortal rulers. The throne of Egypt was primarily intended to be succeeded from father to son. For thousands of years we have been intrigued and fascinated by with the history and preservation of Egyptian culture. Tonight, at the Latex Museum bring to life a “father and son” team in their iconic garb.

The Modern Art Exhibit

The phenomenon of Modern Art is celebrated at the Latex Museum. We pay tribute to how the movement changed the world and how each artist in the movement managed to create iconic figures that continue to influence us today. By showcasing creativity and breaking from tradition, it will stimulate the World of Beauty like no other movement.

Drags Face
1 Trophy/$150 Sponsored by House of Christian

Make up has always been a form of art that has helped transform the way in which we view beauty. Extreme make up in particular has always separated a visionary from an artist. Tonight we showcase your face as a canvas of exquisite beauty. Use make up and unconventional materials to show us artwork like we have never seen before. This category is not for the mediocre, but rather for those with true vision.

Butch Queen Face
1 Trophy/$150 Sponsored by House of Christian

Whether it was Romare Bearden, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Egon Schiele, Louise Bourgeois, or any other legendary Modern Artist, the first thing we think of is Masterpiece. Tonight we want you to bring these famous artists work to life through your own interpretations.  Showcase the beauty, showcase the history, and showcase that face!!

Fem Queen Face
1 Trophy/$200 Sponsored by House of Christian

The 20th century brought fun into art like never before and gave birth to Pop Art. From Richard Hamilton to Andy Warhol to Roy Lichtenstein to Jasper Johns- they helped break from tradition and introduced us to new ways of looking at artistry and expression by using mass culture and media. Tonight, bring us a look inspired by Pop Art.  Do your research and be CREATIVE!!!

Women’s Face
1 Trophy

The Fem Queen Face Divas of the ballroom have always been the true definition of how we view beauty today. Through glamorous gowns, gorgeous hair, flawless make up, and the timeless art form of selling FACE! Tonight, let’s pay tribute to the true Fem Queen Faces that inspire you. Bring forth a look that will give you the right to grace the same stage as them.

The Natural History Experience

The Natural History Experience division of the Latex Museum houses a vast collection devoted to the beauty of Natural History, ranging from exotic animals, rare gemstones, and the natural wonders of the world found above and below ground.

BQ Sex Siren
1 Trophy

The Latex Museum is showcasing a great exhibition of Animals in Heat. Express the beauty of these exotic creatures and the sexual prowess they utilize to express power and sexuality. Tonight we want to showcase your talent and originality by bringing forth the rarely seen creative sexuality these exotic animals exhibit.

Senior- Mammal Showcase (Humans Excluded)
Junior- Reptile Showcase
Cat Boy- Feline Showcase

Fem Queen Sex Siren
1 Trophy

Ever since the human eye laid its sights eyes gemstones, they have been viewed as one of the most beautiful and precious gifts to us from Mother Earth. From Diamonds to Rubies, Emeralds to Sapphires, they are just absolutely breathtaking. Some of the most talented and skilled jewelry designers have made masterpieces from these stones and this evening the Latex Museum is proud to showcase the rarest, most stunning pieces of all time. Tonight, give us a one- of -a- kind look inspired by the Treasures of the World.

Trans- Man Sex Siren
1 Trophy/$100 Sponsored by Marquise Balenciaga

We are honored to present the first ever Eight Wonder of the World at the Latex Museum known as the Trans-Man Physique. Show us an effect that will reveal your mysterious sexuality. Remember this is the Natural History Experience exhibit so bring us something that compliments the title.

Women’s Body
1 Trophy

Oceanography has always been one of the most interesting studies of the world because of the ocean’s mysteries. We know more about the landscape of the moon, than what lies beneath the seas. We have found many beautiful discoveries within the ocean and we are more than proud to showcase them this evening. Tonight, bring forth a look inspired by the deep blue sea.

The Entertainment Hall of Fame

This wing at the Latex Museum is devoted to the World of Entertainment and how it has affected the world and ballroom culture; whether it’s music, movies, performance, photography, television, magazines, or literature. One thing is for certain, it has definitively had an impact on the way we think, live, and look as individuals.

BQ Performance
1 Trophy/$150 Sponsored by Imperial Court of New York

Every year the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inducts a group or an individual who help change and inspire the way in which we experience music. Tonight, the Latex Museum is honoring you as our 2011 inductee. Bring us a creative look that signifies you as a world class entertainer. Remember you are the artist we are paying tribute to, so originality is key. No productions.

Butch Queen Realness with a Twist

Part 1- You are being judged for your Realness. Bring a picture of the character you are going to represent in Part 2.

Butch Queen Realness with a Twist
1 Trophy

From the moment the television sets entered homes throughout the world, it’s managed to become one of the most influential inventions on culture of all time. We have witnessed some of the most memorable characters on television shows. Tonight we pay tribute to the influence of television by highlighting some of the most memorable characters. From Happy Days to Good Times, or The Brady Bunch to The Jefferson’s, or I Love Lucy to Sesame Street or any other character- driven show, bring us the look and showcase your performance.

Female Figure Performance
3 Trophies/ $100 Sponsored by Imperial Court of New York
Drags vs. Fem Queens vs. Women

The cinema has always made a great impression on the way we dream, act, look, and live. Whether it’s a romantic, horror, suspense, animated, action, sci-fi, or dramatic movie- we all can remember a movie that we have fantasized about living in. Tonight, we are paying tribute to the most influential movies in history. Bring to life a character from any movie of any genre and create a monumental moment in history. No Production. Bring the look and your performance will convey the character.

Old Way vs. New Way vs. Arms Control
3 Trophies/ $150 Sponsored by Imperial Court of New York

Tonight we are honored to showcase one of the greatest photographic collections in world history at the Latex Museum. Phenomenal photographers like Helmut Newton, David LaChapelle, Irving Penn, Man Ray, Nan Goldin, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibowitz, Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe, and many others who have helped reflect the times we live in. Photography has many elements of expression, including fashion, photojournalism, documentary and portraiture. Bring the photograph that inspired you and be ready to bring it to life…


The Ballroom Archive

The Ballroom Archive is the section of the museum completely dedicated to ballroom culture and history. This section of the museum recognizes centuries of talent, love, creativity, houses and freedom of absolute expression. We are here to pay tribute to our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters and how we compose one of the most beautiful and important communities in culture. We are also here to pay homage to a Legend who saw this beauty and worked tirelessly to conserve and protect the history and legacy of the ballroom:

Arbert Latex Evisu Santana

OTA Legendary Runway
1 Trophy/ $1000 Sponsored by Club Escuelita

Arbert Latex Evisu Santana was one of the driving forces behind the House of Latex Project, The House of Evisu and the Ballroom Archive Project, a project dedicated in collecting the rich histories of the ballroom community. He worked on generating a vast collection of actual artifacts, effects, and paraphernalia of legends before and during our present time. This evening, we pay tribute to Arbert’s final showcase entitled OVAHNESS. Bring forth an outstanding effect that epitomize the word OVAHNESS and worthy of being showcased in The Ballroom Archive Project’s final exhibition.  Your effect or production must have a safer sex message be creative. This is a moment that will be recorded in ballroom history and passed down to the future generations, as well as solidify your position of WALKING LEGEND.

Open to All Legendary Performance
2 Trophies/$500 Sponsored by Club Escuelita
Male Figures vs. Female Figures

The Ballroom Archive pays tribute to the most famous productions ever in ballroom history. Who can forget Cuban Pete with Sinia Ebony, or the original cat woman in her cage Ashley Icon or even Eugene Milan as the witch doctor, Dashaun Evisu as Pinocchio, Malachi and Arturo’s Men on Vogue Production, and Marquis Revlon’s $10,000 production??!!

Tonight make ultimate ballroom history by generating a production that is so ovah it will stand as one of the  Ballroom Archive’s most Legendary Moments of all Time!!!


Roseland Ballroom, 239 W 52nd St bet Broadway and Eighth Ave, NYC, 212-247-0200, 7pm-4am, $20

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