#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: “I’m a Trans Artist Breaking Boundaries & Transcending the Human Form”- Filthy Rich
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QWERRRKOUT TUESDAY just got a whole lot QTer… New queers featured every week!

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Mx Qwerrrk Gets Turnt Up and Out at The Cock NYC

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Where’s a pretty, gender non-specific pig gonna go when she’s lookin’ for some “temporary” lovin’? WOWlebrity Mx Qwerrrk was out on the prowl last weekend and she found the perfect playpen for a little raunchy fun at the notorious East Village bar The Cock in NYC.

For almost 20 years, The Cock has been one of those easy/sleazy bars that everybody goes to, but rarely admits to. It’s probably the only place where you’re GUARANTEED a hook-up, or two, or three. Mx Qwerrrk caught up with manager Nashom Wooden (pic below) for a private tour, exploring every crack and crevice. (pics by Santiago Felipe)



Mx Qwerrrk: How/when did The Cock start?

Nashom: I’ve been at The Cock since opening night, sometime in the late 90s. I had worked with owner at straight venues he owned around town, so moving me to The Cock seemed like natural fit. I’m the manager. Although I believe the entire staff manages it together. I’m the liaison between owner and staff and do most  of the hiring of bar staff and Dj’s. I also organize any special events and work with promoters.

Mx Qwerrrk: What was the original concept?

Nashom: A sexy, fun, cruising ground where anything goes within reason. It’s open to subversive, sexy freaks. To this day, it’s an anomaly within an homogeneous club scene.

Mx Qwerrrk: What’s the crowd like?

Nashom: It’s a truly diverse crowd, looking to meet men in real time. Nothing beats the ‘hands on’ experience that we provide. We cater to everything from the voyeuristic to the participant, from 21 years old to 60ish.

Mx Qwerrrk: How has the East Village, and nightlife in general, changed since when The Cock first opened?

Nashom: The neighborhood has drastically changed around us. The rents have gone up, as well as high-rise apartment buildings. The bohemian vibe of the 80s and 90s is mostly gone, replaced with self-centered millennials. Every moment is an opportunity for a selfie…The Cock is definitely not the place for that! One would think that these changes would affect our business, but we are still thriving as the world around us changes. I still love NY and always will. I often hear people say that NY isn’t fun anymore…things are definitely different but there is still fun to be had.

Mx Qwerrrk: What’s so special about Cock?

Nashom: It’s a sure thing! If you can’t meet a man here, there’s something wrong. We’ve had some of the best DJ’s- Sammy Jo, Frankie Sharp, Kindbud, Nita Aviance and so many more. We provide an experience from the moment our door girl Irene charms the pants off you to get your dollar. We give people a lot of rope to have a good time…it’s a party after all. As long as you don’t light yourself on fire or start a fight, you are welcome to let your hair down and truly go for it…within reason.

Mx Qwerrrk: Do pigs like Cock?

Nashom: To that I say ‘OINK’!!! I mean… YES!!! All I know is that when the lights come up at the end of the night and we let out the clown car, the place looks like a pig pen! Luckily we have a great porter that puts it all back together for us.


Check out more pics below with super sexy gogo boy Aric Wolff  and a gorgeous out- of- drag Epiphany Get Paid. And follow Mx Qwerrrk and her friends on Instagram. (via World of Wonder)

The Cock is open daily, Happy Hour Wednesday-Sunday 5-10pm, free, 11pm-4am $, 93 Second Ave, NYC.





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