Trans Advocate & Activist Munroe Bergdorf Stars in ANOHNI and The Johnsons New Vid for Single “It Must Change”- Watch
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ANOHNI and The Johnsons are back, releasing a new album in July called My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross (prod. Jimmy Hogarth). The first single, It Must Change, is out now, featuring human rights advocate Munroe Bergdorf. “I am really pleased with the feeling of It Must Change, says ANOHNI. It’s a new direction for me, but very […]

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“My Pu$$y Is Outrageous”: Interview w/ Pop Icon Amanda Lepore at Battle Hymn NYC (Pt. 1)

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The countdown has begun!!! With only a few days left before the highly anticipated release of new memoir Doll Parts by nightlife superstar Amanda Lepore, I caught up with the NYC nightlife queen (and David LaChapelle muse) at her home club/party Ladyfag’s Battle Hymn, and got a chance to chat with the doyen of Downtown about how it all started, and how it’s all changed…the Susanne Bartsch years, the club kid era at Disco 2000, and her current singing career.

Amanda Lepore is a true trailblazer and a gender anarchist- a champion for anyone who has ever felt different. It’s a rarity today that we have the cognizance to celebrate a legend while they’re still here. Before being transgender was a talking point all over the media, Lepore was cutting her own benevolent swath of life, creating an unflappable infrastructure of beauty, strength and love. Check out part one of the interview below, including pics of her extended family…some of NYC’s grooviest club kiddies, including Ladyfag, photog Marco Ovando, Ryan BurkeAquaria, Boomer Banks, rapper Big Dipper, the gorgeous PAOLOFANOLI, Out Magazine’s R. Kurt Osenlund, Stephanie Stone, Kyle Farmery, DJ Honey Dijon, The House of Xtravaganza, DJ Nita, DJ Will Automagic, designer Hanaquist, Kevin Aviance, artist/ ex-club kid Desi Monster Santiago, Vinny Vega,  Connie Girl Fleming, Matte Finish and more!  (Pics by Santiago Felipe)


Paisley Dalton: What was your first nightlife gig?

Amanda Lepore: My first hosting job was at Susanne Bartsch’s party at Copacabana. Her events were always really elaborate! I had gone to her party before and Kenny Kenny (NYC club kid icon) introduced me to her. She thought I looked fabulous, and hired me to come work the following week. I had no idea what she wanted me to do. I thought I’d be dancing on boxes, but I ended up just talking to people. I was shy. I had no idea what I was doing.

After that, I started go-go dancing in a cage at Michael Alig’s Disco 2000 party at The Limelight. It was a more mixed party. But it was separated into two areas. They had another gay promoter upstairs. That room was hypermasculine! We weren’t welcomed there. Our area was more dress-up, club kids, straight people and drag queens. That party was easier for me. I knew what I was doing. The cages were hung from the ceiling, away from everyone. But then he wanted me work the entrance to the club…picking who to let in. Again, I didn’t know what to do. I was really nice, and let everyone in for free, but the club owners didn’t like that at all because they weren’t making money. So, I ended up going back to dancing and hosting.

What’s your look?

Old school glam!

How did you get into performing?

Originally, Kevin Aviance approached me with the idea of being on a track, but it didn’t work out. Cazwell made it happen! I met him around the time that DJ Larry Tee’s Electroclash sound was happening…around 2000. His boyfriend, at the time, introduced us. We starting hanging out together, and he would watch me partying, drinking Champagne, and he said he wanted to write a song about me. That’s how my first song Champagne came about. It was really hard to learn. Everyone thought it would be horrible, but Cazwell really supported me. It ended up being a BIG success! After that, I started working in the gay scene. Previously, I always worked in straight or mixed clubs. It all changed after meeting Cazwell Now, I do shows EVERYWHERE!!!


What’s the club scene like in NYC now?

There’s lots of club kids and drag queens. Drag was dying and then RuPaul’s Drag Race came and it became really popular with the younger kids. Now the scene has changed. It got really gay. Gay people are more open-minded about transgender people now. It wasn’t like that in the 90s. More people who are different tend to stick together now. There’s more of a community. Before, we were more of a minority in the crowd. We were like a freak show. Now, the freaks have taken over!

Best clubs/parties in NYC?

Susanne Bartsch’s On Top, The Box on Thursdays, 11:11 on Fridays, and Battle Hymn on Sundays.

Do you think the kids still enjoy going out, like back-in-the-day? With technology, apps and cell phones, it’s not necessary to leave your house.

I think people do go out to meet people. They used to go out just to get laid. Now, with apps, they don’t have to. Now, they go out to have a good time. I just like to have a good time…and be beautiful!

Stay tuned for part 2 of My Pu$$y Is Outrageous: Interview w/ Pop Icon Amanda Lepore...coming soon, and pre-order a signed copy of Doll Parts, due out April 18, HERE!


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