Watch: Lady Camden “Dirtiest Secrets”
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#DollParts: 7 Minutes In Club Heaven w/ Amanda Lepore & Mx Qwerrrk at Ladyfag’s Battle Hymn NYC (Pt.2, pics)

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After a week of fab Amanda Lepore posts, celebrating the release of her new memoir Doll Parts, here’s the final interview 7 Minutes In Heaven w/ Amanda Lepore at Battle Hymn NYC. We got a chance to party with ‘the #1 transsexual on the planet’ at her packed weekly, for their 1 Year Anniversary…and it was INSANE!!! But, we managed to get in a rapid fire Q&A session right before WOWlebrity Mx Qwerrrk showed up and…well…see for yourself in the pics below. Thank you Amanda for all your beauty, courage, compassion and kindness. You are a true hero and living legend! Oh…and thanks to all the fun kiddies at Battle Hymn, including NYC’s #1 party girl Ladyfag, CT Hedden, Boomer Banks, Ryan Burke, Harry Charlesworth, RooneyCameron Cooper, Hector Xtravaganza, Muffy, Casey Spooner, Desi Monster Santiago, Vinny Vega, Connie Fleming. (Pics by Santiago Felipe)


If you guys are in NYC tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/18), stop by BOOKMARC on Bleecker St. for a special meet & greet with Amanda Lepore, and grab an autographed copy of Doll Parts. Click HERE for more info! And you catch Mx Qwerrrk at RuPaul’s DragCon, April 29&30…more info HERE!



Paisley: Favorite movie star

Amanda: Marilyn Monroe.

Best movie ever?

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Favorite drag queen?

Violet Chachki. I like her retro style.

Favorite fashion designer?

Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, and John Galliano…when he was at Dior.

Best lipstick?

M.A.C. Cherry Lipliner, Iconic Red Lip Gloss by Dior…I got a bunch of it when they discontinued it…and Kat Von D Underage Red Lipstick. I don’t use just one product for my lips. I use FOUR at least!

Your Hostess @amandalepore holding the fort at #Ouidisco @lebainnyc tonight BOOM! Gif art the amazing @bobbottlenyc @eliescobarnyc @wjeremypelser @zazazadisco @kylefarmery @ageofaquaria @burgishere @leonidthemagnificent @michaelfragoso @lucy.balls @untitledqueen @thebrandonolson @amandalepore @devintasy @missqueensateen @baconlvr @transcesca @marziaaloisi @sandflowerpower @thestandard @brfprevails @hotdocsfest #beautyandthebartsch #beautyandthebartschlash #mylashes #susannebartschontop #documentary #film #HotDocs17 #BartschDoc #BartschOnTop @antandalex @noweathernyc #OnTopFilm #OnTopDoc #ontop #ontopnyc #kunst #BOOM! #Artaporterny #artasfashion #bartschart #fashionasart #fashionunderground #theworldofsusannebartsch #looks #susannebartsch #transformation #art #family #LOVE @adriennelandau

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Favorite food?

I just became a vegetarian. I like avocado a lot, and crème brûlée.

Favorite cocktail?


Ideal man?

Tall, athletic body or skinny rock n roll types, with a job…and he has to be REALLY into ME!

Best Instagram?

Dita Von Teese and Miss Mosh.


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