Stream: Ginger Minj “Double Wide Diva” Album
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RuPaul’s Drag Race standout (Season 7, All Stars Season 2 and Season 6), Ginger Minj, has released her third studio album, Double Wide Diva, today, Friday, September 17. The skillfully self-proclaimed “Glamour Toad” is tapping into her own life story to share a collection of authentic and empowering songs, revealing a never-before-seen side of Ginger Minj. Fans […]

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#QWERRRKOUT Tuesday: FAE “As a Woman Doing Drag, I Don’t Always Feel 100% Accepted!”

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Age: 19

Location: The Netherlands


“Who is FAE? I’m inspired by fantasy, horror, pop culture, emotions and mental health, art and other queer artists, mythology…and honestly anything that catches my eye. I started doing makeup when I was around 14 years old and eventually went to makeup school to become a certified makeup artist, discovering and getting into drag along the way. To me, drag is a way to express myself and transform into any desired character from my imagination. Growing up not feeling like I belonged anywhere and always escaping into fantasy worlds, drag has really helped me become more okay with the way things are and has shown me that I can reclaim my power. I don’t see drag as me putting on a mask and becoming someone else. I just become me, and that can look like whatever I want it to be…and that’s powerful! Nothing makes me feel more empowered than being in drag. As a woman doing drag, I don’t always feel 100% accepted; but I am incredibly lucky with the support I get from within the local scene, online, and with my drag family…and I really want to encourage more girls and non-cismen to do drag too because it really is powerful as HELL and can help you in so many ways.”

Instagram: faexae

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